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"2D Cube" Mode

2D Cube (二次元杀阵) mode (the name is originated from the movie The Cube or known as 异次元杀阵 in the Chinese language) is a game mode in which players can battle in pure hero combat under a series of matches in which they are given a fixed amount of Level and Gold. Victors are rewarded with 450 Gold. However, participants are required to first pay 300 Gold every time they participate in this game mode.


  • Before Patch - 2018.04.02, the game mode is only available between 18.00 - 22.00 (GMT+8) every day.
  • After Patch - 2018.04.02, the game mode is now available on the following schedule:
    • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: 11.59 AM ~ 2.00 PM and 6.00 PM - 8.00 PM
    • Sunday: 11.59 AM ~ 5.00 PM
  • After Patch - 2020.06.18, the game mode is now turned offline (removed).

Getting Started

The 45-second preparation phase.

  • The game starts off normally where everyone picks their hero during Hero Selection.
  • The entire game lasts for 5 rounds with each round having a total time of 165 seconds.
  • Each round will have 45 seconds allotted for preparation. Use this time to buy items.
  • Each round, all players will have a fixed amount of Gold and level as follows::
    • 1st round = Level 6, 3000 Gold
    • 2nd round = Level 11, 6000 Gold
    • 3rd round = Level 16, 9000 Gold
    • 4th round = Level 18, 12000 Gold
    • 5th round = Level 18, 50000 Gold
  • When the preparation phase ends, all remaining Gold will be reduced to 1 and the game will start with a timer of 120 seconds.
  • During each round, a player has only 1 life, meaning they will not respawn until the round is over. (With the exception of resurrection and death-defying abilities such as Resurrection (Summoner Spell - Resurrection.png)).
  • The game will reset the cooldown of your skills, spells, and items before the preparation phase starts on each round.

Game Environment

Both teams are destroying an obelisk.

  • Starting platforms for both teams won't have regenerative capabilities and will not attack opponents.
  • Minions, Monsters, and Buildings don't appear in this mode.
  • A single obelisk can be found in the middle of the map. Destroying it will give 1 point to your team.

Win/Lose Conditions

  • Destroying an obelisk grants 1 point for the last-hitting team.
  • Each kill yields 10 points.
  • If the timer runs out, the team with the higher score wins for that round.
  • Each round can end up as a draw.
  • The game goes for 5 rounds and the first team to get 3 wins is the victor.
  • This mode won't give any EXP or Gold as a reward with the exception of the 450 Gold reward for the winning team.




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