300Heroes CDKey Exchange


Link :

What's CDKey?

CDKey or Key Code is a series of codes that used to refill on the player account at the website on the link above to receive free gifts and rewards according to the details of the events that provide gift cards with those codes.

How to Exchange

  1. Fill your personal information as follows: ID (账号), Password (密码) and Authorization Code (验证码).
  2. Click on CDK01 to confirm your ID and Password.
  3. The website will show your player name (账号) and ask for your CDKey (请输入礼包兑换码) and server (大区).
  4. Pick the server that has the name matches with the icon of your server Here (example: Absolute Territory Server = 绝对领域(网通)).
  5. Fill your CDKey and click CDK02 to confirm.
  6. If your CDKey is valid, it will show this text : Congratulation, the exchanging for your activation code (CDKey) is successful, please logging into the game to check your rewards. (恭喜您,激活码兑换成功,请登录游戏查收礼包.)
  7. You can click on the CDK03 to log off from the current ID.

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