Co-Working Websites

What's Co-Working Websites?

Co-Working Websites are the game review and game news websites that sponsor, support or cooperate with JUMP by holding a lot of events and providing free CDKey that contains various gifts. Most of the co-working websites can be found HERE.

What's CDKey?

CDKey or Key Code is a series of codes that used to refill on the player account at the CDKey Website to receive free gifts according to the details of the events that provide them. The Co-Working Websites always provide CDKeys to all players for free with some of them may have a few conditions that must be fulfilled (for example: Being a new player). However, players need to login on most of these websites as a minimum requirement to receive any CDKeys.

List of the Co-Working Websites

Websites Requirements Websites Requirements
Logo 17173 QQ, Weibo or the website account. Logo Duowan YY or the website account.
Logo 178 QQ, Weibo or the website account. Logo 52PK The website account.
Logo Sina QQ, Weibo or the website account. Logo YZZ QQ, Weibo or the website account.
Logo uuu9 The website account. Logo PCGames QQ, Weibo or the website account.
Logo Aipai QQ or the website account. Logo Haoyoukuaibao Mobile Application.


  • Most co-working websites are having the same CDKeys for most of the time.
  • Most CDKeys have an expiry date.
  • Most CDKeys from the same events can't be used on the same player accounts more than once.

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