300 Heroes Wikia

300 Heroes Weekly Event.png

Web Event

Link : http://activity.jumpw.com/weekly/

Activity Rules

  1. The event starts at on Monday at 0.00 AM to Sunday at 11.59 PM (a full team of 7 players can't participate in this event).
  2. The players that reach the condition to receive rewards will be able to obtain them in the morning at 10.00 AM on the next day.
  3. Each reward can receive only once per week, and the players can start to receive the rewards on Tuesday at 0.00 AM to Monday at 11.59 PM.
  4. The event resets every week on Monday at 0.00 AM.

How to Participate

  1. Fill your personal information as follows: ID (用户账号), Password (用户密码) and Authorization Code (验证码).
  2. Click on 3HWE1.png to confirm your ID and Password.
  3. The website will show your player name (欢迎您) and ask for your server (选择大区).
  4. Pick the server that has the name matches with the icon of your server Here (example: Absolute Territory Server.png = 绝对领域(网通)).
  5. Click on 3HWE2.png belows each reward's condition to obtain the reward.
  6. Click on 3HWE3.png to log off the current ID on this website.

Conditions & Rewards


  • Task C : God of War Package (战神礼包)
  • Task D : Nobility Package (贵族礼包)
    • Condition : Refill over 50 diamond during the event.
    • Reward : Item Gold.png x 3000 | Item Chest.png x 1 | Icon Lesser Dragon.png x 1