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300 Heroes (300英雄) is a Chinese MOBA game infamous for its large variety of anime and game characters as its hero roster. The game is produced and currently managed by JUMP from China. This wiki aims to serve as a database for the game, covering various information using the English language so that foreign players will understand and have the know-how to play the game.

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Game Introduction Game Interface Game Modes
Icon Heroes.png Icon Items.png Item Mall.png
Heroes Eternal Arena Items Item Mall
Icon Summoner Spell.png Icon Talents.png Icon Awakening System.png
Summoner Spells Talents Awakening System
Upgrading System.png Socketing System.png Synthesizing System.png
Upgrading System Socketing System Synthesizing System
Icon Mechanic.png Icon Misc.png Icon Patch note.png
Mechanics Misc. Patch Notes
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Cha151 Yagami Hayate.png Cha014 Shiba Miyuki.png Cha010 Dekomori Sanae.png Cha115 Kaneki Ken.png Cha156 Akame.png
Cha094 Ikaros.png Cha004 Alphonse Elric.png Cha083 Oshino Shinobu.png Cha049 Yuuki Asuna.png Cha067 Misaka Mikoto.png
Cha069 Black Rock Shooter.png Cha075 Shana.png Cha092 Yaya.png Cha093 Sakata Gintoki.png Cha110 EMIYA.png

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Cha216 Tamaki Iroha.png
45 Diamonds
Cha215 DIO.png
45 Diamonds
Cha214 Eugeo.png
45 Diamonds
Cha213 Shameimaru Aya.png

Home Head Latest Skins.png

Cha169 Senko.png
118 Diamonds
Cha216 School Uniform Iroha.png
118 Diamonds
Cha122 Night Dance Star Song Illya.png
118.8 Diamonds
Cha049 Cyberpunk Sword Asuna.png
118 Diamonds

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