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Event Information

Website: http://activity.jumpw.com/300hero/story/index.jsp

Unknowingly, It's already the 8th year that 300 heroes and we were known with each other. Surrounding 300 Heroes, we believe that everyone has countless stories to tell, some may be laughter, some are very touching, and some might be wonderful. Today, at this moment, together, Let's us reminisce and record those memories that belong to us!!!

The event time is divided into 3 following stages:

  • Registration & Story Collecting Time: 22nd May 2020 ~ 14th June 2020
  • Voting Time: 22nd May 2020 ~ 21st June 2020
  • Awarded Time: Around July 2020

The registration and the voting on the 1st round will be carried out at the same time. Only the top 50 players who win the first round will be able to enter the final round. All the awards are jointly selected by voters (50%) and professional reviewers (50%).

List of Rewards

1st Place

  • 800 Yuan of JD.com Gift Card (CN) (元京东卡)
  • Title Card - Bard (180 Days) (吟游诗人) x 1
  • 300 Girls Custom Keyboard (300娘定制键盘) x 1
  • Timi Figure (缇米手办) x 1

2nd Place

3rd ~ 20th Place

Special Reward

  • For winining works that match with the shooting requirements, they will have opportunity to receive special rewards for being official exclusive documentaries for winning works.

Work Requirements

  • Players must register their works within the Registration Time only.
  • The works that are uploaded on the website must be positive, with no bad or sensitive information. The works that are uploaded on the website must be directly or indirectly related to 300 heroes, with a plot which can occur in the game world or real life experience. Whether it's a laugh, or touching story, share your wonderful times together with everyone!! 
  • The content of the submissions must be in a form of text version within a scope of 1500 words and a single cover image, the size of image must be below 1M and the length ratio is 2:1. If any contestant wants to upload more than one image or more than 1500 words on a single submission, you can go to tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=300英雄 Tieba Webboard to upload the complete story and inform the link of the topic from Tieba in the manuscript that is submitted.
  • Each contestant can upload up to only 6 works.
  • After logging in the website using the game account and selecting the server you are going to use for participation,

you can create your own story by submitting the works or voting for other participators. Each account can only select one server to participate in the event, has only 1 vote per day for the same work, up to 8 votes on different works each day.

  • In-game rewards will be distributed to the players according to their registered server and their account information that is registered on the website. Therefore, please check your information carefully before filling them. All participators also need mobile phone information for verifying their participation. If the rewards can't be issued due to the wrong information, it will be counted as waiver.
  • Participators who win more than 1 reward will receive only the highest rank of rewards.
  • Players who are suspected of cheating in the competition or stealing works of others that violate fair competition principle will be automatically disqualified once their deeds are verified.
  • All submissions must be created by yourself and must not be suspected of copying, plagiarism...etc. The contest organizers are only responsible for examining the quality of works. The copyright issues involved in the content of the work are the responsibility of the participating person. Any work suspected of plagiarism or involving intellectual property issues will automatically be disqualified.
  • After the work is uploaded, it will enter the review process, after passing the review process, the selected work will be published in the Entries (参赛作品). If the work doesn't pass the review, there will be no deduction for the number of works you already uploaded on your entry.
  • Players who are suspected of vote manipulation, after the verification is true, their right to participate in the event will be nullified.
  • During the competition, "300 Heroes" has the right to publicise, report, or display all the works as the game company sees fit. However, "300 Heroes" promises not to use the submission for commercial purposes.
  • The copyright for the submissions of all winners belongs to Shanghai Jump Network Technology Co., Ltd by default.

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