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8th Anniversary Countdown (2020.11.07).png

Event Information

  1. The event available between 07 November 2020 to 14 November 2020, a total of 8 days.
  2. During the event, you can access the event interface by clicking at the 8th Anniversary Events icon (Icon 8th Anniversary Event.png) on the Lobby Interface.
  3. For each day during the event, you can access the event interface to obtain the specific rewards of that day, for a total of 8 days. The reward for each day must be obtained manually. If you don't receive the rewards on the day they are available, those rewards will be deemed to be lost automatically.
  4. When you receive the reward from this event while the slot in the Item Interface is full, the reward will be sent to you via in-game Mailbox instead.

Reward List

1st Day (2020.11.07): Item Gold.png (Gold Coins) x 1000

2nd Day (2020.11.08): Item Rune Fragment.png (Rune Fragment) x 100

3rd Day (2020.11.09): Item Large Anniversary Chest.png (Large Anniversary Chest) x 1

4th Day (2020.11.10): Blue Gift Box.png (Level 5 Red & Yellow Gems Optional Box) x 1

5th Day (2020.11.11): Item Double Gold Card.png (Double Gold Card (14 Days)) x 1

6th Day (2020.11.12): 300.png (Title Card - Set Off In A Dream) x 1

7th Day (2020.11.13): Refined Random Excellent Attribute Card.png (Refined Random Excellent Attribute Card) x 1

8th Day (2020.11.14): Blue Gift Box.png (Random Legendary Skin Package) x 1