Purple Gift Box.png Cost: 60 Diamonds

Click to Consume: Grants all of the following items below:

  • Item Deformation Demonic Dagger.png (Deformation Demonic Dagger) x 1
  • Item Time Leaping Anklet.png (Time Leaping Anklet) x 1
  • Item Death Note.png (Death Note) x 1
  • Item Endless Magic Wand.png (Endless Magic Wand) x 1
  • Item Winter Scepter.png (Winter Scepter) x 1
  • Item Lävatein.png (Lävatein) x 1
  • Arena Medal.png (Arena Medal) x 200
  • Battlefield Medal.png (Battlefield Medal) x 200
  • Equipment Upgrade Talisman.png (Equipment Upgrade Talisman) x 10

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