300 Heroes Wikia

Item AX388 Sniper Rifle.png Cost: 25 Diamonds


Health: +470

Ability Power: +75

Movement Speed: +5%

Cooldown Reduction: 10%


UNIQUE Passive: Permanently increases Tina's Ability Power by [10 x Equipment Level]% of Tina's [Armor + Magic Resist].

UNIQUE Passive: For each level of this equipment, the flight speed and distance of bullet from AX388 [Q] is increased.

UNIQUE Passive: Each time Tina casts Silent Killer [W], the cooldown of Detection Trap [E] is reduced by 0.2 + [Equipment Level x 0.05] seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: Enemies that are hit by the trigger effect of the trap from Detection Trap [E] are applied with the a debuff that increases the damage received by [Equipment Level]% for 1.5 seconds.