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Account Security Interface

This is a system that allows you to lock some parts of your game with the security password. Each time you try to access the locked part of the game, the security interface will pop-up for you to fill the security password. If you can fill the password correctly, you will be able to access the locked part once.

Security Lock Function (安全鎖功能)

Security Enable.png
Security Password Setting
The process for setting a password is as follows:

  1. Click this button to create a security password.
  2. Input the security password and confirm the password.
  3. Click on the left button to confirm the process.

Security Warning 1.png

  • After the security lock is enabled, using equipment, consumptions, or some important functions need to bypass a security password first, it's in order to protect your properties.

Security Reset.png
Reset Security Password
The process for resetting a password is as follows:

  1. Click the button to show the interface for resetting your current security password.
  2. Input the new security password on the first box and repeat the new security password again on the second box.
  3. Click on the right button to confirm the process.

Security Setting (安全設置)

Security Warning 2.png

  • After the security password is enabled, here is an optional setting to exclude some parts of the game to be locked by the security password.

Security Repair&Use.png

  • Exclude Repair System (修理物品): Prevents the security password to lock the repair system in Item Interface.
  • Exclude Item Usage (使用道具): Prevents the security password to lock all of your items in Item Interface.


Security Password.png
If you already set a security password, next time you access this interface you need to type the current security password before you can enter the account security system again.

  • Security Password1.png
    Cancel (取消)
    Cancels this interface.
  • Security Password2.png
    Forced Unlock (强制解锁)
    Resets the current security password within 72 hours.
    • Note: Recommended when you forget your security password since it is not required the current password.
  • Security Password3.png
    Confirmation (确定)
    Confirms the input password.
    • Note: If the password is incorrect, you can try again 2 more times. Upon hitting the limited, you will be banned from this interface for 15 minutes.