Item Aerial Support B.E.E.png Cost: 2700 Gold


+30% Critical Rate

+55% Attack Speed

+8% Movement Speed


UNIQUE Passive: Liu Li's Absolute Firepower [R] with Absolute Firepower B.E.E [R] with the following effects:

  • Absolute Firepower B.E.E [R]: Calls the aerial support B.E.E squad to bombard the area in a straight line, starting from your current position before moving toward the targeted direction until reaching the maximum distance, dealing 80/120/160 + [0.75 Bonus AD] physical damage every 0.3 seconds to all enemies hit, and reducing their Movement Speed by 20% for 1.5 seconds. (80/100/120 Mana cost) (140/120/100 second cooldown)


Item Cruel Blades.png    +    Item Gale Dagger.png    + Item Heartseeking Dagger.png       =    Item Aerial Support B.E.E.png


  • Can only be used by Liu Li (Icon Liu Li.png).

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