Item Aestus Estus Cost: 25 Diamonds


Health: +500 (+642)

Attack Damage: +60 (+77)

Cooldown Reduction: 15%


UNIQUE Passive: At level 5/10/15 of this equipment, Nero gains 4%/8%/12% bonus Health.

UNIQUE Passive: When this equipment has its level higher than 10, automatically upgrades Gladiusanus Blauserum [W] to Pari Tenu Blauserum [W].

UNIQUE Passive: Extends the duration of the previous buff effect from Très Fontaine [E] by [Equipment Level x 0.2] seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: When Nero summons the golden theater, she gains [10 + (Equipment Level x 2)]% Damage Reduction that lasts for 5 seconds.


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