300 Heroes Wikia

Item All Spells Must Be Broken.png Cost: 25 Diamonds


Health: +500 (+569)

Mana: +400 (+455)

Ability Power: +85 (+96)


UNIQUE Passive: Grants 200 + [Equipment Level x 20] bonus Health and Mana.

UNIQUE Passive: Grants 4 stacks for each Hero Kill and 2 stacks for each Assist, and each stack grants 35 Ability Power, up to [5 + Equipment Level] stacks.

UNIQUE Passive: Every 5 levels of upgrade increases the cast range of Blink [W] by 50.

UNIQUE Passive: When Medea uses Pitch Black Energy Bullets [E], the skill also applies silence effect to all enemies hit for 0.5 + [Equipment Level x 0.05] seconds.


  • Can only be used by Medea (Icon Medea.png).