300 Heroes Wikia

Item Amun's Will.png Cost: 250 Diamonds


Health: +600 (+813)

Magic Resist: +50 (+64)

Health Regeneration/5 seconds: +20 (+28)


UNIQUE Active: Instantly restores [10 + Equipment Level]% of your maximum Health and fortifies yourself with an Amun's Will buff for 3 seconds. Within the buff's duration, you become immune to all hero magic damage and most of the crowd controls, and you gain 30% bonus Movement Speed (60 second cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive: Grants the ability to reduce all incoming magic damage by [20 + (Equipment Level)]%. When you take magic damage from an enemy, you will reflect the damage reduced by this ability back to the attacker and unleash the same damage to all nearby enemies within 400 radius.

UNIQUE Passive: Increases your Attack Damage equivalent to 20% of your Magic Resist and increases your Ability Power equivalent to 40% of your Magic Resist.

UNIQUE Passive: When out of combat for 6 seconds, you gain a protective shield that can nullify one hit of damage (unstackable).

UNIQUE Passive: When you take a killing blow while the UNIQUE Active of this item is in the non-cooldown state, the active ability will be forced to trigger before your death.


  • Limited to 1 Eternal Artifact item on one hero.