300 Heroes Wikia

Item Assassin's Blade.png Cost: 15 Diamonds


Health: +200 (+282)

Attack Damage: +65 (+91)

Attack Speed: +15%

Critical Strike Chance: +10%

Armor Penetration: +10 (+14)


UNIQUE Active: Hassan creates 2 clones beside him that lasts up to 10 seconds. The clones deal 75% of Hassan's damage and receive 35% increased damage. When the clones die, they detonate and deal 300 + [1.0 AP] magic damage to all nearby enemies. The clones can be controlled by holding the Alt key and using the right mouse button (120 - [Equipment x 4] second cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive: Increases Hassan's Movement Speed and Attack Speed by [11 + Equipment Level]%.

UNIQUE Passive: When using Heavy Strike [E], increases Hassan's Armor Penetration by [10 + (2 x Equipment Level)]% for 5 seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: Hassan's basic attacks now always apply 5 stacks of Imprint debuff on the target, adjusts the amplification of the damage dealt by Hassan against targets with Imprint debuff to [20 + Equipment Level]% extra damage, and each basic attack of Hassan also reduces the cooldown of Zabaniya [R] by [Equipment Level x 0.2] seconds.