300 Heroes Wikia

Attack damage (AD) is a value affecting the damage a unit or hero is able to deal by increasing the damage dealt by basic attacks and abilities. While every basic attack deals damage equivalent to the heroes attack damage (before applying damage modifiers), abilities scale with a percentage of the champions attack damage that can range between 0% and 790%.

Attack damage consists of two parts: Base AD and Bonus AD.

  • Base AD is the portion of attack damage originating from the hero itself, consisting of a constant base value that is individual for every hero and a component granting AD on leveling up.
  • Bonus AD is the portion of attack damage originating from talents, Abilities, Aura Effects and, most importantly, Items.
    • The sum of both Base AD and Bonus AD is called Total AD .

This differentiation is important as abilities are scaling with either bonus AD or total AD, while certain item effects are scaling with only the base AD.

This stat stacks additively. Percentile attack damage bonuses are applied after adding up the AD granted from all additive sources.