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Item Badge of FFF Group.png Cost: -


UNIQUE Active: A raging magical fire that burns all heresies. Lights up a fire visual effect on yourself that lasts for 10 seconds (10 second cooldown).


Only the elite members of FFF group can wear this badge. After collecting Badge of FFF Group (Item Badge of FFF Group.png), Torch of FFF Group (Item Torch of FFF Group.png), Robe of FFF Group (Item Robe of FFF Group.png), Scythe of FFF Group (Item Scythe of FFF Group.png), Magical Belt of FFF Group (Item Magical Belt of FFF Group.png) and Magical Scripture of FFF Group (Item Magical Scripture of FFF Group.png), you can trigger the ultimate magic Haereticae Pravitatis (异端审判).


  • This item cannot be upgraded.