Item Bardiche Cost: 25 Diamonds


Ability Power: +60 (+224)

Spell Vamp: +10%

Magic Penetration: +15%

Cooldown Reduction: +15%


UNIQUE Active: Consumes all Jewel Seeds to increase your skill damage by [(Consumed Jewel Seeds x 5) + Equipment Level]% and reduce the damage taken by [Consumed Jewel Seeds + Equipment Level]% for 6 + [0.2 x Equipment Level] seconds (90 - [4 x Equipment Level] second cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive: Within Bardiche form, Fate gains [5 + Equipment Level]% Ability Power.

UNIQUE Passive: Within Scythe form, Fate gains [5 + Equipment Level]% Armor and Magic Resist.

UNIQUE Passive: Each hero kill or assist grants 1 Jewel Seed to Fate, stacking up to 6 Seeds.


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