Item Bellerophon.png Cost: 2600 Gold


+65 Ability Power

+40 Armor

+35 Magic Resist


UNIQUE Passive: Miyu Edelfelt's Include - Caster [R] with Include - Rider [R] with the following effects:

    • Include - Rider [R]: Miyu summons the chain of Nameless Dagger to inflict 175/200/250 + [0.5 AP] + [0.7 Bonus AD] magic damage and imprisons the target in place for 2 seconds. Upon casting this skill, Miyu will be able to cast this skill again within in a form of the 2nd cast within 2 seconds to summon and ride a Pegasus to fly toward a targeted location while also dragging the imprisoned target toward Miyu's current position  (120 Mana cost) (120 second cooldown).


Item Scale Armor.png    +    Item Voodoo Staff.png    +    Item Firm Crown.png    =    Item Bellerophon.png


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