Item Bewitched Weapon Silver Blade.png Cost: 25 Diamonds


Ability Power: +90

Magic Penetration: +35

Cooldown Reduction: +15%


UNIQUE Active: Creates Silver Another Dimension field around Sakuya for 5 seconds. Enemies who touch the dimension are removed from the game for 1.5 seconds (the debuff and crowd control effects on them are also removed) before they appear again at their old location. The dimension also nullifies the first skill from an enemy that hits on Sakuya (90 second cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive: Any enemy is hit by the damage from Sakuya's basic attacks or skills, she changes the flow of time and throws her silver knife that automatically flies to the target, dealing 50 + [Equipment Level x 10] magic damage and reducing the target's Movement Speed by [10 + Equipment Level]% for 2 seconds. (The additional damage dealt by additional effects from Perfect and Elegant Maid [E] can also trigger Sakuya to throw a silver knife from this ability)


This is much simpler, really relaxed and happy exclusive equipment.


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