300 Heroes Wikia

Item Bloodthirsty Meat Hook.png Cost: 560 Gold or 16 Diamonds


Health: +600 (+972)

Attack Damage: +34 (+55)


UNIQUE Active: Throws a bloodthirsty meat hook in the target direction, pulling the first unit hit to your hero. If the target is an enemy unit, the hook deals 400 + [Equipment Level x 40] true damage to the target. If the target is an enemy hero, the hook also deals [(your hero's maximum Health - hooked unit's maximum Health)/(30-Equipment Level)] bonus true damage (20 second cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive: If the bloodthirsty meat hook hits a unit, the cooldown of the active ability of this equipment is reduced by [0.5 x Equipment Level] seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: The flight speed of the bloodthirsty meat hook will gradually increase with the increment of the equipment level of of this equipment.