Item Bndroid Reboot Artifact.png Cost: 98 Diamonds


Armor Penetration: +50

Magic Penetration: +50

Tenacity: +50


UNIQUE Active: Casts for 0.5 seconds before resetting the cooldown of all active abilities from non-exclusive equipment. For Doom-shroom (Item Doom-shroom.png), the reset of the cooldown will grant 5 stacks of mushroom instead (90 - [Equipment Level x 3] second cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive: For every 5 level of this equipment, The damage dealt by your non-hero abilities (Talents, Summoner Spells, Equipment...etc) is increased by 5%, up to 15% at level 15 of this equipment.


  • Limited to 1 Eternal Artifact item on one hero.

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