Item Bonded Stick.png Cost: 25 Diamonds


Attack Damage: +40 (+58)

Ability Power: +80 (+116)

Cooldown Reduction: +10%


UNIQUE Passive: Each hit of Ace's skills that hits an enemy unit increases the Fire Damage dealt on the target by 10 + [2 x Equipment Level] extra damage, stacking up to 15 times for a maximum of 150 + [30 x Equipment Level] extra damage. Ace's basic attacks, skills and burning effects from himself or allies are all considered as Fire Damage.

UNIQUE Passive: When Ace kills a hero or assists in killing a hero, reduces the cooldown of Hiken [W], killing a hero reduces 4 + [0.5 x Equipment Level] seconds and assisting in killing a hero reduces 2 + [0.25 x Equipment Level] seconds.


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