300 Heroes Wikia

Item Cat's Eye Titanium Necklace.png Cost: 2150 Gold


+250 Health

+45 Armor

+25 Health Regeneration/5 seconds


UNIQUE Passive: Grants the Cat's Eye effect to the user, the effect is usually in a Sleeping state (Cat's Eye - Sleeping.png). When there are invisible enemies, wards, or surveillance wards nearby, the Sleeping state (Cat's Eye - Sleeping.png) will be changed to Half Awakening state (Cat's Eye - Half Awakening.png). Within Half Awakening state (Cat's Eye - Half Awakening.png), all invisible enemies within 350 range nearby will be detected.

UNIQUE Active: Changes the state of Cat's Eye effect to the Full Awakening state (Cat's Eye - Full Awakening.png), the state grants detection of nearby invisible units (Same effect as Cat's Eye Potion (Item Cat's Eye Potion.png)) for 10 seconds (45 second cooldown).


Item Healing Stone.png    +    Item Life Crystal.png    +    Item Scale Armor.png    =    Item Cat's Eye Titanium Necklace.png