Item D-Dial Cost: 25 Diamonds


Mana: +300 (+574)

Ability Power: +80 (+153)

Spell Vamp: +15%


UNIQUE Active: Instantly resets the cooldown of Cannon Flower [Q] (40 - [Equipment Level] second cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive: Adjusts the interval of Cannibal Flower [W] to automatically summon 1 Cannibal Flower on a random location nearby to 12 - [Equipment Level x 0.4] seconds, and the auto summoning of the Cannibal Flower will also summon one additional Cannon Flower too.

UNIQUE Passive: Every 3/2/1/0 casts (upgraded at level 0-4/ 5-9/10-14/15) of Cannon Flower [Q], the next cast of Cannon Flower [Q] will instantly summon 2 Cannon Flowers and 1 Cannibal Flower at the targeted location.


Whether the development of the harem can go on or not, it all depends on Yuuki Rito.


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