300 Heroes Wikia

Item Dark Shield.png Cost: 3150 Gold


+350 Health

+500 Mana

+45 Armor

+35 Magic Resist


UNIQUE Active: Summons dark energies around an allied unit, creating a shield that absorbs 150 + [Hero Level x 10] damage for 8 seconds before expiring. When the shield is destroyed or reaches the end of its duration, it will explode and deal damage equal to the amount it could absorb to all enemies around it. This ability also removes certain types of debuffs and crowd controls on cast. This ability cannot be cast on a target currently shielded by the dark shield effect. Furthermore, it still cannot be cast on the same target that previously had the dark shield effect until 30 seconds has passed after the shield has expired. The ability can be cast while under crowd controls (90 second cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive: Grants 15% Cooldown Reduction.


Item Strong Belt.png    +    Item Glacier Armor.png    +    Item Firm Crown.png    =    Item Dark Shield.png