Defensive Talent

Defensive Talent Tree

The Defensive Talent Tree is one of the three Talent branches and is designed for defensive oriented strategy.

It would take 15 talent points to fill the Utility Talent Tree to its maximum capacity.

List of Talents

Tier 1 (Requires 3 talent points)

Icon Talent19 Strong and Healthy (身强体壮)

  • Increases 40/80/120 base Heath and each level increases 4 bonus Health.

Icon Talent21 Single Guard (一夫当关)

  • Grants a 50% chance to 5/10/15 damage from incoming attacks.

Icon Talent33 Life Covenant (生命契约)

  • Increases 1/3/5 bonus Health for each time a non-friendly unit dies within a certain radius nearby, maximum 90/180/300 bonus Health.

Tier 2 (Requires 6 talent points)

Icon Talent34 Adequate Backup (后备充足)

Icon Talent35 Wild Little Prince (野区小王子)

  • Increases the duration of buff effect from monsters by 10/20/30 seconds.

Icon Talent36 More Profitable (收益更胜)

Tier 3 (Requires 9 talent points)

Icon Talent37 Siege Weapon (攻城利器)

  • Increases the damage dealt against buildings by 4%/8%/12%.

Icon Talent38 Aid (援护)

  • Increases 10/20/30 Armor and Magic Resist when staying near your own turret.

Icon Talent39 Assault Force (攻坚力量)

  • Reduces the damage received from turrets by 5%/10%/15%.

Tier 4 (Requires 12 talent points)

Icon Talent40 Unyielding (不屈意志)

  • Increases 10/20/30 Armor and Magic Resist for 2 seconds when being affected by immobilize, stun, silence, or fear effect.

Icon Talent41 Iron Wall (铜墙铁壁)

  • Increases 6/12/18 Armor and 4/8/12 Magic Resist.

Icon Talent30 Self-sacrifice (舍己为人)

  • Grants 2%/3%/4% Damage Reduction and transfers 8% of the damage your teammates receive within 500 radius nearby to your hero.

Tier 5 (Requires 15 talent points)

Icon Talent43 Double Strike (双重打击)

  • Your physical damage reduces target's Magic Resist by 3%/5%/10% and your magic damage reduces target's Armor by 3%/5%/10%, the effect can't be stacked and lasts for 2 seconds.

Icon Talent44 Individual Combat (单兵作战)

  • When dealing damage to enemies 3 times, you gain 2%/5%/8% Life Steal for 5 seconds.

Icon Talent45 More Wars More Courage (越战越勇)

  • When your Health is less than 40%, you receive 1%/3%/5% less damage.

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