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Destiny Roulette (2021.02.05).png


Event Time

Prize Pool Time: 5 February 2021 ~ 17 February 2021

Gacha Draw

  1. You can enter the Destiny Roulette interface through the Destiny Roulette icon (Icon Destiny Roulette (2021.02.05).png) on the Lobby Interface.
  2. At the Destiny Roulette interface, you can use Destiny Coin (Item Destiny Coin.png) to spin the roulette.
  3. You can get Destiny Coin from Destiny Roulette Package or Big Destiny Roulette Package that can be purchased in Item Mall.
  4. Before starting, you need to click on the Core Reward button (Destiny Roulette (2019.02.05) - Core Reward.png) and then select one of the rewards on the roulette to set the Core Reward. If you don't get the Core Reward from the roulette within the specified number of rolls (150 times), you will receive the Full Roulette Reward and Limited Pet Optional Package (限定宠物自选礼包).
  5. Clicking on the GO button (Destiny Roulette - GO.png) will consume 1 Destiny Coin to spin the roulette once.

Prize Pool

The chances to obtain each reward in the prize pool

Top 10 Players

Leaderboard of top 10 players who have the highest numbers of rolling the roulette

Details of all available rewards for Top 10 Players

10 Days after the end of the event, the top 10 players who have highest numbers of rolling the roulette will get the following rewards:


Roulette's Probability:https://300.jumpw.com/details/301/13606.html