Item Directional Lightning Generator Cost: 2800 Gold


+30 Attack Damage

+7% Movement Speed

+50% Attack Speed


UNIQUE Passive: Your basic attacks unleash the chain lightning that inflicts 15 bonus magic damage to the primary target before bouncing to the next 3 nearby targets, inflicting the other targets with 15 + [0.4 AD] magic damage. The chain lightning effect can critically strike and be affected by Life Steal.


  • Basic attacks that are triggered by skills always have 1-second interval to trigger the ability from this equipment, the ordinary basic attacks will not be affected by this interval.
  • When the critical strike effects (including unique critical strike effect such as Chtholly Nota Seniorious's Wrath of Seniorious [E]) trigger on the primary target, the damage of the chain lightning that inflicts on all targets will also become critical strike damage with the increased percent damage equal to the critical strike effect on the primary target. 


Item Black Dragon Whip    +    Item Copper Sword    =    Item Directional Lightning Generator

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