Item Distortion Field.png Cost: 2400 Gold


+30 Armor

+50 Magic Resist


UNIQUE Active: Applies a shield to yourself and all nearby allied heroes that can absorb [(Your own Armor + Magic Resist x 0.3) + (Hero Level x 15)] damage for 3 seconds (45 second cooldown).

UNIQUE Aura - Radiance II: Grants 20 Armor and 15 Magic Resist to all nearby allied heroes.

UNIQUE Passive: When facing nearby allied heroes, grants 10% bonus Movement Speed to your hero.


Radiance I and Radiance II are the same type of aura. If both auras apply on the same unit, only the effect of Radiance II will apply to the target.


Item SOS Group Emblem.png    +    Item Firm Crown.png    =    Item Distortion Field.png

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