300 Heroes Wikia

Item Divine Angel Wings.png Cost : 3200 Gold


+300 Health Point

+65 Ability Power

+20 Mana Regeneration/5 seconds

+10% Cooldown Reduction


UNIQUE Passive - Assistance II: Increases your Movement Speed by 15% when moving while facing toward nearby allied heroes within 1300 range.

UNIQUE Passive: When a visible enemy casts a skill within 1300 range nearby, this item gains 1 stack, up to a total of 10 stacks.

UNIQUE Active: Consumes all stacks and 150 - [15 x consumed stacks] Health to restore target hero's Health by 200 + [0.4 AP] and Mana by [10 x consumed stacks] (12 second cooldown).


Item Staff of Light.png    +    Item Life Crystal.png    +    Item Voodoo Staff.png    =    Item Divine Angel Wings.png


  • Limited to 1 Liquor of Immortality item on one hero.


Some skills don't grant stacks to this item upon activation, the information of all skills that are mentioned in patch notes are as follows: