Eternal Battlefield (2020)

New Eternal Battlefield

After the update of Patch - 2019.12.19, the game will launch a trial for a new version of the Eternal Battlefield map. The new map will be available daily from 8.00 PM-10.00 PM. The Gold and Experience received after completing the map are also 3 times higher than the current Eternal Battlefield map (the bonus decreased with the number of completed matches within the same day).

Aside from the mechanic similar to the old Eternal Battlefield, such as Item System and Battlefield Point System, several new systems are implemented into the game. The new Eternal Battlefield also removes the rule for players to be able to win the game by destroying the opponent's Sword of Damocles since the map no longer has any minions or buildings to support the fight. The limited number of players on each time is also increased from 7 vs 7 to 14 vs 14, making the fighter between players become more chaotic.

Basic Rules

  1. The new Eternal Battlefield is a match of 14 vs 14 with each side has only heroes (players).
  2. Each match lasts for 30 minutes. Team with 3000 points before the match ends will automatically win the match. However, If the match ends without any team reaches 3000 points, the team with higher points will win the match. If both teams have an equal number of points at the end of the match, both teams will be considered on the lose side.
  3. The respawn time for all players is fixed to 20 seconds.

New Systems

Stronghold (据点)

Eternal Battlefield - Stronghold

The stronghold is a neutral area that can be occupied by both teams, it will be displayed in green color within the mini-map. Currently, there are 4 strongholds within the map. The neutral stronghold can be occupied by standing over it for 5 seconds while the stronghold that belongs to any team can be occupied by the enemy team by standing over it for 10 seconds. Unlike neutral stronghold, the captured stronghold will be displayed in red or blue color on the mini-map depended on which team it's belonged to. Moreover, the captured stronghold also provides the vision around itself to the team that captured it. Lastly, the major goal for capturing the stronghold is that it generates points for the team that occupies them, the big stronghold generates 4 points per second while the small stronghold generates 2 points per second.

Runes (符文)

Eternal Battlefield - Rune

At several fixed locations on the map, they will appear the magic circle area where it spawns a random rune that grants a certain type of buff to any player who collects them.

Teleport Array

At several fixed locations on the map, they will also appear in the magic circle area where it can teleport anyone who stands over it away in the direction they are currently facing.

Points Submission (积分递交)

Eternal Battlefield - Points Submission

At the start of the game, both teams will have their own submission point location within the area around their team's spawn location. However, in the middle of the map is wherein the primary magic circle for submitting the points is located, the points that are submitted to the primary magic circle will be tripled. When you kill an enemy hero, you will earn 10 + [50% of the points that are carried by the target] points from killing. At the same time, the enemy hero that was killed will also lose 50% of the points they carried to the killer. However, those points from killing will not be added into team points until you submit them on the magic circle for submitting the points. When you stand over the magic circle, there is a delay of 3 seconds before the magic circle starts submitting your points to the team points, a maximum of 200 points can be submitted to the magic circle every second.

Any player who didn't submit their points and get killed, all their points will be transferred to the killer. Each player can store up to 3000 points from killing.

At several fixed locations within the new map, there are also areas where they spawn a certain type of monsters with different strengths and abilities, killing them grants points similar to killing heroes to the killers, the number of points received will be based on the strength of the killed monster (Small Monsters = 6 points, Lesser Dragon = 20 points).

Roulette (转盘)

Eternal Battlefield - Roulette

Within the game, you will earn 2 chances to draw the roulette for free. Starting from the 3rd chance will cost you Diamonds equal to [2 x Times of Chance]. Each draw randomly grants you a special item with unique abilities from the roulette, the received item will be put into your roulette item slots for using their special abilities, received special items last until the end of the match.

The special items from the roulette can be discarded on the ground by dragging them from the roulette item slots to the ground area. Other players can also pick the discarded items by collecting them from the ground. The discarded items can last on the ground up to 1 minute before disappearing.

The special items you have will be stored on 4 special slots with the hotkey [7] [8] [9] [0] for using their abilities. The hotkey can be changed in the Options as usual.

The information about all available Roulette Items is as follows:

Icon Eternal Divine Punishment (Eternal Divine Punishment) (永恒神罚)

  • UNIQUE Active - Upon activation, the Eternal Land will punish all enemy heroes within the game map, inflicting 3000 true damage to them (180 second cooldown).

Icon Divine Protection (Divine Protection) (神之庇佑)

  • UNIQUE Active - Upon activation, becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds (120 second cooldown).

Icon Yin Yang Reversal (Yin Yang Reversal) (颠倒乾坤)

  • UNIQUE Active - Upon activation, switches the Attack Damage and the Ability Power of the specified hero for 6 seconds (180 second cooldown).

Icon Absorption Dynamite (Absorption Dynamite) (负荷爆破)

  • UNIQUE Active - Upon activation, records all damage received within 10 seconds. Upon reaching the end of the duration or when the user dies while within the duration, all recorded damage will be unleashed to deal 100% of the recorded damage in a form of physical damage to all enemies within 800 range nearby (150 second cooldown).

Icon Third Person Omniscient (Third Person Omniscient) (上帝视角)

  • UNIQUE Active - Upon activation, receives the vision of all enemy heroes within the map for 10 seconds (150 second cooldown).

Icon Eternal Elixir (Eternal Elixir) (永恒药水)

  • UNIQUE Active - Upon activation, fully restores your Health in an instant (10 second cooldown).

Icon Cloak of Invisibility (Cloak of Invisibility) (隐身斗篷)

  • UNIQUE Active - Upon activation, becomes invisible for 30 seconds, attacking will break the invisibility (90 second cooldown).

Icon Reconnaissance Aircraft (Reconnaissance Aircraft) (侦查机)

  • UNIQUE Active - Upon activation, launches a Reconnaissance Aircraft that travels for 2000 range within the specified distance, gaining vision on its traveling path for 8 seconds (15 second cooldown).

Icon Room (Room) (空间球)

  • UNIQUE Active - Upon activation, instantly teleports to any designated location within 500 range (60 second cooldown).

Icon Anywhere Door (Anywhere Door) (飞行符)

  • UNIQUE Active - Upon activation, channels the ability for 4 seconds before teleporting yourself to the designated location within 4500 range (100 second cooldown).

Icon Bear Trap (Bear Trap) (捕兽夹)

  • UNIQUE Active - Upon Activation, places a Bear Trap under your current position, the trap last for 30 seconds. When the enemy hero walks upon the trap, the trap will be destroyed to immobilize the target for 5 seconds (20 second cooldown).

Icon Overlord Armor (Overlord Armor) (霸王铠甲)

  • UNIQUE Passive - After out of combat for 6 seconds, starts restoring your own Health by 8% of your maximum Health per second.

Icon Shield of The Round Table (Shield of The Round Table) (妖刀)

  • UNIQUEActive - Upon activation, becomes immune to all physical damage for 5 seconds (150 second cooldown).

Icon Rho Aias (Rho Aias) (女妖面纱)

  • UNIQUE Active - Upon Activation, becomes immune to all magic damage for 5 seconds (150 second cooldown).

Icon Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Nikyu Nikyu no Mi) (空间之眼)

  • UNIQUE Active - Upon activation, instantly teleports the designated hero to a random location on the map (180 second cooldown).

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