300 Heroes Wikia

Item Excalibur.png Cost: -


Health: +300

Attack Damage: +70

Life Steal: +10%


UNIQUE Passive: Increases the radius of Sword of Promised Victory [R] by 90 + [Equipment Level x 10] range. Each time Artoria kills a non-hero unit / hero unit, she permanently gains 2 / 5 stacks of Magical Energy Crystal (魔力结晶) buff, each stack of the buff increases Artoria's Ability Power by 6 + [Equipment Level], the buff can be stored up to 99 stacks (when you remove this equipment from Artoria, she loses all stacks).


The greatest and strongest treasure held by Alphalily (Artoria Pendragon). The symbol of the noblest sword. It can convert the owner's prana into light, with just a simple swing in front of its owner, it releases a wave of energy that can destroy everything.


Duplicate Version

This equipment is a duplicate version of Broken Spear (Rhongomyniad) (Item Broken Spear (Rhongomyniad).png).