300 Heroes Wikia

Item Flame of Heaven Necklace.png Cost: 25 Diamonds


Health: +400 (+669)

Attack Damage: +45 (+75)

Movement Speed: +12%


UNIQUE Active: After a delay of 1.5 seconds, Shana consumes [15 + Equipment Level]% of her maximum Health as a cost to unleash the eruption of fire that inflicts [500 + consumed Health] true damage to all enemies within 700 range nearby. The active effect can't reduce Shana's current Health below 1 Health (100 - [Equipment Level x 2] second cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive: After equipping this equipment, Shana will summon wings of flame on her back, granting the ability to ignore unit collision.

UNIQUE Passive: Increases the cast range of Shinku (True Crimson) [Q] by 200 range.

UNIQUE Passive: Adjustes the bonus Movement Speed received when Shinku (True Crimson) [Q] hits at least 1 enemy hero to [50 + Equipment Level]% and adjusts its duration to 2 + [Equipment Level x 0.1] seconds.


  • Can only be used by Shana (Icon Shana.png).