Friend List Interface

Friend List is an interface wherein you can closely interact with other players.
The information of the interface are as follows:

Friend Types.png

  • Friends.png: Friend List
  • Temporary Teammates.png: Temporary Friend / Players From Previous Games
  • Strangers.png: Strangers
  • Blacklist.png: Blacklist

Friend Status.png

  • Online Friend: Name / VIP Level / Battle Power / Status
  • Offline Friend: Name / VIP Level / Battle Power / Status

Friend Function.png
Right-clicking on the friend name will pop-up the following functions:

  • 删除好友: Delete Friend
  • 发送消息: Send A Message
  • 查看战绩: View Profile
  • 战场solo: Challenge to Eternal Battlefield's Solo Mode.
  • 竞技场solo: Challenge to Eternal Arena's Solo Mode.
  • 修改备注: Give A Nickname
  • 举报广告: Report Ads (Preventing from spamming in chat box)
  • 添加关注: Add Attention (Favourite)
  • 组队邀請: Team Invitation
  • 移至黑名单: Move to Blacklist
  • Additional Information
    • You can add friends only while they're online.
    • You can add friends only if they are within the same server or cross-server group.
    • You can increase the maximum number of friends you can have in friend list by upgrading your VIP level.
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