300 Heroes Wikia

Function Hotkey Setting

  • [Space]: Center camera on your hero. (holding Space will hold the camera on the hero until released).
  • [Y]: Lock camera on your hero.
  • [C]: Open hero statistics page.
  • [TAB]: Open match stats page/leaderboard.
  • [F1]: Move the camera view to your own hero.
  • [A]: Attack Move (Hero moves to point, stopping to attack any enemies along the way).
  • [S]: Stop Command (Hero stops their current course of action and will not do anything until the next command).
  • [P]: Open item shop.
  • [V]: Toggle retreat ping cursor. Clicking with this hotkey on an allied hero (or their icon in the upper left area of the screen) will show an alert telling that specific hero to fall back.
  • [G]: Toggle alert ping cursor.
  • [~]: Toggle Microphone to talk in Team Speak system.
  • [1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] | [6]: Activate the item in the 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th | 6th slot, checking those buttons will enable the Smart Cast function on them.
  • [Alt + Left Click] : Toggle alert ping cursor (G). Holding left click will open Radial Menu. Radial Menu has 4 types of signal to be used.
    • Signal - Careful.png: This location is dangerous, be careful.
    • Signal - Coming.png: I'm coming.
    • Signal - Missing.png: The enemy is missing, be careful.
    • Signal - Help.png: I need help.
  • [Ctrl + F1]: Show the 1st Emoji over your hero's Health Bar: Emoji1.png (Funny)
  • [Ctrl + F2]: Show the 2nd Emoji over your hero's Health Bar: Emoji2.png (Happy)
  • [Ctrl + F3]: Show the 3rd Emoji over your hero's Health Bar: Emoji3.png (Angry)
  • [Ctrl + F4]: Show the 4th Emoji over your hero's Health Bar: Emoji4.png (Crying)
  • [Ctrl + 1-3]: Play hero's speeches and actions.
  • [Ctrl + 4]: Start the hero dance sequence.
  • [F]: Open Friend List (only available in Lobby).
  • [F12]: Take a screenshot.
  • [F11]: Remove HUD.
  • Previous Setting.png: Return to Options
  • Default Setting.png: Default Setting
  • Confirm.png: Confirm Setting