Functional Talent

Functional Talent Tree

The Functional Talent Tree is one of the three Talent branches and is designed for non-combat oriented strategies.

It would take 15 talent points to fill the Magical Talent Tree to its maximum capacity.

(After Patch - 2019.12.12, this talent tree is permanently removed)

List of Talents

Tier 1 (Requires 3 talent points)

Icon Talent1 Helping for Self-Interest (助人利己)

  • When a minion within 1300 range nearby that you didn't kill dies, grants 1/3/6 gold.

Icon Talent2 Resource Plunder (資本劫掠)

  • After the killing of minions, you obtain 1/2/4 additional gold.

Icon Talent3 Fund Return (基金回报)

  • After the killing of independent monsters or monster group leaders, you obtain 5/10/20 additional gold.

Tier 2 (Requires 6 talent points)

Icon Talent4 Energy Overdraft (能量透支)

  • The cooldown on all of your summoner skills is reduced by 5%/10%/15%.

Icon Talent5 Elite Recon (侦查精英)

  • The duration of Observer Ward, Infrared Observer Ward, and Surveillance Ward is increased by 5%/15%/30%.

Icon Talent6 Crystal Surveillance (氪金先知)

  • Your Surveillance Ward will temporarily gain the ability to detect all nearby invisible units for 1.5/3/4.5 seconds upon placement.

Tier 3 (Requires 9 talent points)

Icon Talent15 Armageddon Smite (末日审判)

  • The cooldown of your summoner spell Smite is reduced by 10%/20%/30%, but its damage is also reduced by 10%/15%/20%.

Icon Talent8 Call of Eternity (永恒之地的召喚)

  • At the fountain, you gain 50%/100%/150% bonus Movement Speed that will disappear after leaving the fountain within 3 seconds. Bonus Movement Speed is disabled upon dealing or taking damage.

Icon Talent9 Power of Rebirth (車生之力)

  • Your Respawn Time is reduced by 5%/10%/15%.

Tier 4 (Requires 12 talent points)

Icon Talent10 Extra Income (额外收益)

  • The Gold of the team bounty you receive when you or your allied heroes kill or destroy Lesser Dragon, Greater Dragon, or Turrets is increased by 20%/40%/60%.

Icon Talent11 Basic Fund (基本资金)

  • I want to win at the lane phase, the initial gold is increased by 25/50/75.

Icon Talent12 Swift Scout (迅捷斥候)

  • When you stay in the bush, your damage output is increased by 3%/4%/5%.

Tier 5 (Requires 15 talent points)

Icon Talent13 Static Brake (以静制动)

  • When out of combat, you will restore 0.2%/0.4%/0.8% of your maximum Health per second.

Icon Talent14 Move Against The Wind (逆风而动)

  • Without enemy heroes within 800 radius nearby, increases 2%/4%/6% bonus Movement Speed.

Icon Talent7 Rapid Charge (急速充能)

  • Your regeneration is increased by 3%/6%/10%.
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