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The Game Introduction section will lead you through learning about how to get into the game by following each section below.


In order to register this game, the Chinese Phone Number to receive SMS and the Chinese Citizen ID for identification are required. The instruction on how to register this game will be as follows:

  • First, Enter the Official Website to register.
  • Click the Jump Passport Website through (Fast Register Button.png) for registration.
  • For players who don't have Chinese Citizen ID, HERE is the example website for generating one.
  • For players who don't have Chinese Phone Number to receive SMS, HERE is the example website for generating one.
  • For players who already obtained both Chinese Citizen ID and verified SMS but can't access the game due to some verification issues, you can try using VPN for the first attempt to log in the game to verify yourself that you are logging in from China (the most recommended one is UU163 (Official Website)).
  • Remember to keep both your Chinese Citizen ID and SMS (even they're fake) and all other information related to the ID for future events or confirmation of your identity.
  • Choose to registration as a personal account and fill in the information as shown in the image below: Full Register Info.png
  • Click Full Register Button.png to confirm and you can enjoy the game~
  • If you want to get all the rewards from Security Information Binding Activity, you can log in to your account at the JUMP Passport Homepage and access your Jump Passport so you could fill all of your missing personal information.
  • At Jump Passport there is also an option for transferring money from the passport (or its alternative name "Jump Platform") to other games such as "300 Heroes", "300 Big Battle", "Gun World"...etc.

Downloading & Installing


  • Official Link (Fast Installation): HERE
  • Game Download0.png: Is Fast Installation. You can get an initial installer from here that can be used to download the full game through internet connection.
  • Extract the Icon rar.png(RAR file) and run the installer by opening the EXE file (Icon 300.png).
  • It is recommended to set the name of the game's destination folder to English since some non-Chinese Local Systems might not be able to read it.

Patcher & Connections


Patcher Interface

  • You need to wait until the Patcher finishes in updating the game. Trying to force your entry to the game while it's still not fully updated will cause your game files to be corrupted.
  • Sometimes the updating is in progress, but the patcher interface is not showing up. If this happens, you can wait for a while until the login interface shows up. But if it takes too much time, you can just re-download the installer of the latest version on the official website.


Language Problem

How to use Applocale

Since this is a Chinese game, you may need one of these methods to see the Chinese language in the game.

System Locale

  • You can change your Window's System Locale by going to Start -> Control Panel -> Clock, Language and Region -> Region and Language -> Administrative -> Language for non-Unicode program -> Change system locale... -> Set it to Chinese-Simplified PRC. [The method in doing this is different for Windows 8 and above]


  • By accessing the game with Applocale. It temporarily allows the user to run a non-Unicode program (300 Heroes) in a locale of the user's choice (Chinese locale).

Locale Emulator

You can use a program called Locale Emulator to run the game with the desired locale you want whenever you want to run a program without restarting your PC. Follow these simple steps in order to get it working.

1. Download the zip file found on the link above.

2. Extract the contents and open the file called LEInstaller. Once you're done, it should give a message that it has finished installing.


3. Once it has finished installing, right-click the application you want to change the locale with and you should see that there's a new option now labeled as "Locale Emulator". Hover your mouse into it and a few more options should appear to the right.


4. Select "Edit Global Profile List" and you should see this window. Here you can set the locale you want. In 300 Heroes' case, we use Chinese. Ignore the "Run in Chinese" drop down on the first one because we'll have to make it later. so select Chinese (Simplified) from the location and change the timezone to (UTC+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi. Just copy the settings in here and press Save As to make a new name for it and type "Run in Chinese".


5. It should now appear on the list of Locale Emulator.


Now that's done, all you have to do when you want to run your game is right click and select Run in Chinese and that application should run with the profile you have set.

Login Interface Server & Servers List

Login Interface

Login Interface

  • Refer to the picture on the right for the following:
  1. Official Page Customer Service Top Up Center Activity Center 300 Report Download&Update
  2. Servers List
  3. Full Registration Password Retrieval
  4. Login to the Lobby Interface
  5. Internet Cafe Login (Only for players who live in China)
  6. On-going Events

Servers List

Regions Servers

China Netcom (Hong Kong)

Hua Jiang Hu Server.png
Hua Jiang Hu
(2018.12 - Group J)

Avalon Server.png
(2018.07 - Group J)
Rozen Maiden Server.png
Rozen Maiden
(2017.07 - Group J)
Koumakan Server.png
(2017.01 - Group J)
Gensokyo Server.png
(2016.07 - Group J)
Golden Theater Server.png
Golden Theater
(2016.01 - Group G)
Law of Cycles Server.png
Law of Cycles
(2015.07 - Group G)
Kara no Kyoukai Server.png
Kara no Kyoukai
(2015.02 - Group G)

Shinra Soldier Server.png
Shinra Soldier
(2013.04 - Group B)

Absolute Territory Server.png
Absolute Territory
(2014.06 - Group B)

China Telecom (Mainland China)

Stars Shine Server.png
Stars Shine
Beyond Paradise Server.png
Beyond Paradise
Utopia Server.png
(2020.01 - Group L)
Heaven's Feel Server.png
Heaven's Feel

(2019.07 - Group L)
The Twelve Labors Server.png
The Twelve Labors

(2019.04 - Group L)
Rakshasa Street Server.png
Rakshasa Street

(2018.12 - Group L)
Ordinal Scale Server.png
Ordinal Scale

(2018.09 - Group L)
Grand Order Server.png
Grand Order
(2018.07 - Group L)
GLORY Server.png
(2018.04 - Group L)
Kaleidoscope Server.png
(2018.02 - Group K)
Gate of Truth Server.png
Gate of Truth
(2017.09 - Group K)
Rebellious Knight Server.png
Rebellious Knight
(2017.07 - Group K)
Akame Ga Kill Server.png
Akame Ga Kill
(2017.04 - Group I)
Koutetsujou Server.png
(2017.01 - Group K)
Gokuraku Jodo Server.png
Gokuraku Jodo
(2016.09 - Group K)
World Cyber Arena Server.png
World Cyber Arena
(2016.07 - Group I)
Naval District Server.png
Naval District
(2016.07 - Group I)
Kyoukai no Kanata Server.png
Kyoukai no Kanata
(2016.04 - Group I)
Hagun Utahime Server.png
Hagun Utahime
(2016.01 - Group H)
Angel of Extinction Server.png
Angel of Extinction
(2015.12 - Group H)
Raising Heart Server.png
Raising Heart
(2015.09 - Group H)
Koihime Musou Server.png
Koihime Musou
(2015.08 - Group H)
Accel World Server.png
Accel World
(2015.08 - Group H)
Lost Christmas Server.png
Lost Christmas
(2015.07 - Group H)
Flame of Heaven Server.png
Flame of Heaven
(2015.04 - Group F)
Walpurgisnacht Server.png
(2015.02 - Group F)
Fantasy Seal Server.png
Fantasy Seal
(2015.02 - Group F)
Unlimited Blade Works Server.png
Unlimited Blade Works
(2014.12 - Group F)

Furinkazen Server.png
(2013.04 - Group A)

Sword Art Online Server.png
Sword Art Online
(2013.10 - Group C)
Academy City Server.png
Academy City
(2014 - Group D)
Ifuudoudou Server.png
(2014.6 - Group D)
Holy Grail War Server.png
Holy Grail War
(2014.05 - Group D)
Attack on Titan Server.png
Attack on Titan
(2014.9 - Group E)
Sora no Otoshimono Server.png
Sora no Otoshimono
(2014.8 - Group E)
Tyrant's Eye Server.png
Tyrant's Eye
(2014.8 - Group E)

Recommended Servers

Hong Kong Servers: Absolute Territory Server.png | Shinra Soldier Server.png

Mainland China Servers: Ifuudoudou Server.png | Attack on Titan Server.png | Tyrant's Eye Server.png

Tutorial & Server ID

Instructor in Tutorial

Choosing a player name

  • Upon logging into a server, you will be thrown in a tutorial game with a temporarily guest name for your Server ID and you'll be forced to pick your first hero Artoria Pendragon (Icon Artoria Pendragon.png) and introduced yourself with the Instructor (Icon Nyaruko.png) before giving a choice to pick between Leaving the tutorial or Following the instruction to earn EXP and Gold rewards. 
  • It is recommended to follow the instruction and learn about the basic of the game before getting started in this game, completing the tutorial will also grant EXP and Gold that helps you instantly reach the level 2 and grant Level 1 Novice Package (Gift Box.png) that can be opened to obtain various rewards and help, including the next level of the novice package.
  • Each novice package can be used only when you reach the level that matches with the package itself. The novice package on the next level will be given to you on each time you use the previous package as one of the rewards until reaching Level 10 of the package. 
  • If you don't get a novice package, EXP, and Gold from the tutorial after completing or skipping it, re-logining in the game once and the package, EXP, and Gold will be given to you instantly.
  • After completing or skipping the tutorial, the game will ask you to create your own Player Name (Server ID). Your name can't be the same across different servers.
  • The game will give you option to choose between guest name (1st choice) or custom name that is created by yourself (2nd choice).
  • Logging into another server will ask you to create your own Server ID again as each Server ID you have is only limited to the server that you logged in at.
  • After naming your Server ID, the game will give your first hero Artoria Pendragon for free and bring you to Lobby Interface before asking you to participate in the practice mode in Eternal Arena, it's recommended to enter the practice mode at least once to train with the AI (Icon Disizhuoer.png) and earn free EXP and Gold which you can get from the practice mode only once per server account.

Terms & Agreements

The new terms & agreements for all players, started after the update on 2019.10.17

After the update on 2019.10.17, JUMP Network had updated its Terms & Agreements to match with the latest Privacy Policy of China. For the full contents of the Terms & Agreements of the JUMP Network, you can read them by clicking on the red link 上海剧跃网络科技有限公司用户服务协议. For the full contents of Privacy Policy, you can read them by clicking on the red link 隐私政策. Upon reading all information, If you agree with all of those conditions, please click on the Agree (同意) button to continue the game, or else click on the Disagree & Quit (不同意并退出) If you feel like all of those conditions are too much and don't want to continue this game anymore.

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