300 Heroes Wikia

Item Gauss Lightsaber.png Cost: 6500 Gold


+60 Attack Damage

+10% Movement Speed

+80% Attack Speed


UNIQUE Passive: Grants 1 stack per second, up to a total of 40 stacks. Your basic attacks reduce 2 stacks. Each stack grants 2% Attack Speed and 1% Critical Chance, up to a total of 80% Attack Speed and 40% Critical Chance.

UNIQUE Passive - Exorcism: Grants 40% Armor Penetration.


Since Chicken Blade betrays the Ancient Guardian. With a large number of military secrets leaked to the Ying Xiong (word play between "Eagle Bear" and "Heroes") clan. In order to fight against their invasion, we melt the Thunder Hammer and Great Cannon as one, this is the birth of our super-weapon!