Item Gemstone Necklace (Rin's Pendant).png Cost: 1300 Gold


+10 Attack Damage

+10% Critical Rate

+20% Attack Speed


UNIQUE Passive: EMIYA's basic attacks become a ranged attack with a range of 530. UNIQUE Passive: Replaces EMIYA's Triple-Linked Crane Wings [Q] with Projection Magecraft [Q] with the following effects:

  • Projection Magecraft [Q]: EMIYA stores 1 stack of Projection Magecraft every 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds (affected by Cooldown Reduction effects), up to 3 stacks. Upon activation, EMIYA consumes 1 stack of Projection Magecraft to project a barrage of weapons that float up behind himself for a while before being launched to bombard a target area, dealing 40/60/80/100/120 + [0.8 Bonus AD] + [0.45 AP] physical damage to all enemies hit. The damage of this skill can critically strike, dealing 150% damage. Within the duration of Unlimited Blade Works [R], using Projection Magecraft [Q] doesn't consume stacks of Projection Magecraft (30 Mana cost) (1.5 second cooldown).


  • Can only be used by EMIYA (Icon EMIYA.png).

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