300 Heroes Wikia

Item Great Vision of Jiu Shen.png Cost: 3000 Gold or 28 Diamonds


Health: +400 (+777)

Attack Damage: +35 (+68)

Life Steal: +12%


UNIQUE Active: Reduces the Armor of the target enemy hero by 35 + [Equipment Level x 3] and grants the vision on the target for 20 seconds (can't be removed) ([60 - Equipment Level] second cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive: Grants 20 + [3 x Equipment Level] Armor Penetration.


Nietzsche said in the birth of the tragedy, Jiu Shen is the cause of all misfortunes. (Jiu Shen (Wine God / 9 God) is one of the well-known aliases of the Wu "2009" Sheng, a pro player in DotA 2)