Greater Dragon's stats

Greater Dragon Model.png

Information: The Greater Dragon can be summoned by using Greater Dragon Summoning Amulet (Icon Greater Dragon.png) in Dragon Quest. It has 14,000 Health, 208 Attack Damage, 0.4 Base Attack Speed, 0 Armor, 0 Magic Resist and can't be moved from its current location.

Drop List: When Greater Dragon dies in Dragon Quest, it drops 1 random item from the following list below:

  • Arena Medal Chest.png (Arena Medal Chest) x 1
  • Battlefield Medal Chest.png (Battlefield Medal Chest) x 1
  • Equipment Upgrade Talisman Chest.png (Equipment Upgrade Talisman Chest) x 1
  • Level 3 Gem All.gif (Random Level 3 Gem) x 1
  • BF Artifact Equipment.png (Random Artifact) x 1

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