Hero Selection Interface (Before Confirmation)

Hero Selection Interface (After Confirmation)

Player Interface

Selection Interface

List of all heroes that can be selected

  • Hero Selection Interface - Random.png
    Random Pick
  • Hero Selection Interface - Ready.png
    Ready (Confirm The Selection)
  • Hero Selection Interface - Search.png
    Search hero with their name
  • Hero Selection Interface - Role.png
    Sort hero list by role
    • Assassin (刺客)
    • Fighter (战士 )
    • Tank (坦克 )
    • Marksman (射手 )
    • Mage (法师)
    • Support (辅助)
  • Hero Selection Interface - Personal Usage.png
    Sort hero list by personal usage
    • Latest Heroes (最新英雄)
    • Limited Time Purchased (限时购买)
    • Most Used (常用优先)
    • My Favourite (我的最爱)
    • Recently Played (最近出战)
    • Highest Win Rate (胜场最高)
    • Soul Contract (灵魂契约)


Phone Verification Interface.png

Binding Mobile Phone Number Rewards

In order to verify the account security, please carry out real-name authentication.

Filling your real-name in the first slot and Chinese phone number in the second slot then click on the right button of the 2nd to send SMS to your phone. Afterward, you will receive the SMS with a code in it, filling the code on the 3rd slot to link your phone number with the game account and receive those 3 rewards that were mentioned as follows:

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