Item Hidden Blade.png Cost: 2800 Gold


+55 Attack Damage

+12 Armor Penetration

+10% Cooldown Reduction


UNIQUE Passive - Hidden Strike: While in stealth or out of enemy's sight, your next basic attack against enemy hero will inflict bonus physical damage based on the distance you traveled (including dash and teleport abilities). The bonus damage will still attach to the basic attack for 6 seconds after being seen by enemies and the bonus damage can't trigger more than once within 1.5 seconds.

  • Min-Max Distance for calculating damage: 400 to 900
  • Min-Max Damage based on distance: [2.5 x Hero Level] to [12.5 x Hero Level]

UNIQUE Active - Hidden: Channeling in place for 1.5 seconds before entering the invisible state for 24 seconds, the channeling time will be reduced to 0.75 seconds when activating this ability within the bush area. Moving, using any skill, or attacking will break the invisibility immediately (6 second cooldown).


Item Black Keys.png    +    Item Berserker Sword.png    =    Item Hidden Blade.png

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