Item IBN 5100.png Cost: 25 Diamonds


Ability Power: +90 (+224)

Movement Speed: +10%

Magic Penetration: +15%


UNIQUE Passive: Adjusts the increment of World Line Rate from each cast of Kurisu's skills to 20%.

UNIQUE Passive: When Kurisu's Sacrificial Necrosis [Q] deals damage on the target, it also immobilizes them for 0.5 + [0.1 x Equipment Level] seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: Using Finalize Apoptosis [W] on allied heroes no longer reduces their Health after the healing effect, and adjusts the damage from the detonation effect of the Diffusion effect from 50% to (70 + [Equipment Level x 2])%.

UNIQUE Passive: The 1st cast of Kurisu's Time Travel Paranoia [E] reduces [5 + Equipment Level]% Armor and Magic Resist to all enemies hit, the 2cnd cast of the same skill also stuns the target for 1 second.

UNIQUE Passive: When Kurisu's Endless Apoptosis [R] deals damage on enemy heroes, It also converts 20% of the damage dealt into healing effect that restores Kurisu's Health.


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