300 Heroes Wikia

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Icon Gold.png: Gold can be obtained by completing the matches, quests or events or dropping from monsters in Dragon Quest.

Icon Diamond.png: Diamond can be obtained by topping up the game (1 Yuan = 1 Diamond).

Icon Merit.png: Honor can be obtained by playing in Battlefield Cross-server Group (1 Honor per hero kills and 10 Honor per win).

Icon Honor.png: Merit can be obtained by gaining Battlefield Points or killing minions in Eternal Battlefield (1 BF-Point = 1 MR-Point).

Icon VIP.png: VIP can be obtained by topping up the game and gaining them along with the Diamond (1 VIP point per Diamond).

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Advertised Heroes & Skins

Blue Gift Box.png Icon Knight of Glory Alphonse.png Icon Chichi.png Icon Die Lian Hua Origami.png Icon Licht Bach.png Icon Little Red Riding Hood Kaguya.png

Recommended Heroes, Skins, and Items

Icon Okita Souji.png Icon Tiamat Peiji.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Item Blessing Bag.png Golden Gift Box.png

ItemBF Head Heroes.png


Icon Kazuma & Megumin.png Icon Wang Ye.png Icon Tushan Honghong.png Icon C.C..png Icon Maple & Maple (Machine God).png Icon Kochou Shinobu.png Icon Tamaki Iroha.png Icon DIO.png Icon Eugeo.png Icon Kamado Tanjirou.png Icon Feng Baobao.png Icon Gray.png Icon Miyu Edelfelt.png Icon Leafa.png Icon Shinku.png Icon Namikaze Minato.png Icon Yuuki Yuuna.png Icon Matou Sakura.png Icon Lacia.png Icon Saitama.png Icon Nymph.png Icon Medusa.png Icon Giorno Giovanna.png Icon Alice Zuberg.png Icon Yato.png Icon Seven.png Icon Gasai Yuno.png Icon Liu Li.png Icon Shao Siming.png Icon Cao Yan Bing.png Icon Albedo.png Icon Chang Xuan Ling.png Icon Chang Hao Ling.png Icon Emilia.png Icon Kanzaki Kaori.png Icon Rogue Boy.png Icon Priest Boy.png Icon Warrior Boy.png Icon Hunter Boy.png Icon Mage Boy.png Icon Paladin Boy.png Icon Warlock Boy.png Icon Edogawa Conan.png Icon Sebastian Michaelis.png Icon Kanna Kamui.png Icon Uzumaki Naruto.png Icon Uchiha Sasuke.png Icon Chtholly Nota Seniorious.png Icon Altair.png Icon Ainz Ooal Gown.png Icon Shiba Miyuki.png Icon Himeragi Yukina.png Icon Aqua.png Icon Kurosaki Ichigo.png Icon Troubling Rain.png Icon Lord Grim.png Icon Cu Chulainn.png Icon Tamamo no Mae.png Icon Jeanne d'Arc & Jeanne d'Arc (Alter).png Icon Shiro.png Icon Sora.png Icon Astolfo.png Icon Monkey D. Luffy.png Icon Roronoa Zoro.png Icon Mutou Yuugi.png Icon Edward Elric.png Icon Lelouch.png Icon Suigintou.png Icon Kafuu Chino.png Icon Akame.png Icon Erza Scarlet.png Icon Shiba Tatsuya.png Icon Suoh Mikoto.png Icon Chouun Shiryuu (Sei).png Icon Yagami Hayate.png Icon Prinz Eugen.png Icon Mumei.png Icon Eucliwood Hellscythe.png Icon Iskander.png Icon Kashiwazaki Sena.png Icon Sawada Tsunayoshi.png Icon Kuriyama Mirai.png Icon Makise Kurisu.png Icon Accelerator.png Icon Izayoi Miku.png Icon WarGreymon.png Icon Kongou.png Icon Kanzaki H. Aria.png Icon Noire.png Icon Cthuko.png Icon Fate Testarossa.png Icon Tomoe Mami.png Icon Kuroyukihime.png Icon Takamachi Nanoha.png Icon Yoshino.png Icon Tobiichi Origami.png Icon Nero Claudius.png Icon Tohsaka Rin.png Icon Illyasviel von Einzbern.png Icon Sinon.png Icon Sakura Kyouko.png Icon Miki Sayaka.png Icon Itsuka Kotori.png Icon Kaneki Ken.png Icon Killua Zoldyck.png Icon Ryougi Shiki.png Icon Kujo Jotaro.png Icon Shimakaze.png Icon EMIYA.png Icon Nyaruko.png Icon Gokou Ruri.png Icon White Rock Shooter.png Icon Shirai Kuroko.png Icon Momo Velia Deviluke.png Icon Kaname Madoka.png Icon Ouma Shu.png Icon Yatogami Tohka.png Icon Akemi Homura.png Icon Tachibana Kanade.png Icon Neptune.png Icon Golden Darkness.png Icon Matoi Ryuuko.png Icon Takanashi Rikka.png Icon Ikaros.png Icon Son Goku.png Icon Sakata Gintoki.png Icon Yaya.png Icon Strike Freedom.png Icon Sesshoumaru.png Icon Pleasant Goat.png Icon Tokisaki Kurumi.png Icon Shiranui Mai.png Icon Li Syaoran.png Icon Himura Kenshin.png Icon Oshino Shinobu.png Icon Hei.png Icon Katsuragi Keima.png Icon Gray Fullbuster.png Icon Mikasa Ackerman.png Icon Akiyama Mio.png Icon Sephiroth.png Icon Yuuki Asuna.png Icon Gilgamesh.png Icon Bayi Laoye.png Icon Yuzuriha Inori.png Icon Portgas D. Ace.png Icon Shana.png Icon Misaka Mikoto.png Icon Kirito.png Icon Amakusa Shirou Tokisada.png Icon Black Rock Shooter.png Icon Celty Sturluson.png Icon Princess of the Moon.png Icon Natsu Dragneel.png Icon Medea.png Icon Shinigami.png Icon Dustiness Ford Lalatina.png Icon Fleet Commander.png Icon Huanci·L·Lily.png Icon Huanci·D·Lucy.png Icon Hatake Kakashi.png Icon Boa Hancock.png Icon Usopp.png Icon Gaara.png Icon Tony Tony Chopper.png Icon Athena.png Icon Whitebeard.png Icon Dracule Mihawk.png Icon Orochimaru.png Icon Artoria Pendragon.png Icon Charlotte.png Icon Diao Chan.png Icon Corki.png Icon Lu Bu.png Icon Zhang Fei.png Icon Mavis Vermillion.png Icon Shirakiin Ririchiyo.png Icon Memory Metal.png Icon Heiwajima Shizuo.png Icon Tang Monk.png Icon Alphonse Elric.png Icon Little Monkey.png Icon Saya.png Icon Hassan-i-Sabbah.png Icon Tenten.png Icon Honda Futayo.png Icon Dekomori Sanae.png Icon Kikyou.png Icon Togashi Yuuta.png Icon Kazane Hiyori.png Icon Doma Umaru.png Icon Senjougahara Hitagi.png Icon Heracles.png Icon Tina Sprout.png Icon Frankenstein.png Icon Food Ninja.png Icon Asama Tomo.png Icon Magician Girl.png Icon Shichimiya Satone.png Icon Kuroba Kaito.png


Icon Legendary Skin.png : Legendary Skins
Icon Chichi.png Icon Ball Spirit Eugeo.png Icon Chihuan Honghong.png Icon Nether Ace.png Icon Oni no Heihachi Futayo.png Icon Miracle of Dawn WarGreymon.png Icon Earl of Dark Night Ainz.png Icon Mythology Mystic Code of Divine Angel Miyu.png Icon Die Lian Hua Origami.png Icon Summer of Love Hayate.png Icon Night Dance Star Song Illya.png Icon Cyberpunk Beast Accelerator.png Icon Cyberpunk Arsonist Mikoto.png Icon Cyberpunk Robinhood Yato.png Icon Tomoe Gozen.png Icon Moe Point Breakthrough Tsunayoshi.png Icon Abigail Williams.png Icon Fenrir Akame.png Icon Fafnir Ichigo.png Icon Katsushika Hokusai.png Icon Mysterious Heroine X (Alter).png Icon Tenchuu Girls Tina.png Icon Tiamat Peiji.png Icon Ayanami Rei.png Icon YoRHa Type A No.2.png Icon Artoria Alter.png Icon Shadow Assassin Seven.png Icon Swimsuit Frankenstein.png Icon Black Knight Artoria.png Icon Elizabeth Báthory.png Icon Zero.png Icon Miyamoto Musashi.png Icon Fukubukuro Kensei EMIYA.png Icon Blooming Blossom Timi.png Icon Beauty Under The Moon Yisha.png Icon Full-blown Flower Dita.png Icon Brynhildr.png Icon Violet Evergarden.png Icon Reindeer Cart Drift Iskander.png Icon Haise Sasaki.png Icon Mysterious Heroine XX.png Icon Okita Souji (Alter).png Icon Genos.png Icon Goddess of Prosperity Black Heart.png Icon Mysterious Heroine X.png Icon Umbra Witch Bayonetta.png Icon Scathach.png Icon Shuvi Dola.png Icon Next Purple.png Icon Salvation Witch Madoka.png Icon Nutcracker Witch Homura.png Icon Dress-up Witch Mami.png Icon Mermaid Witch Sayaka.png Icon Wudan Witch Kyouko.png Icon YoRHa No.2 Type B.png Icon Goddess of Creation Stacia.png Icon Rider Illya.png Icon Himouto Umaru.png Icon Assassin Illya.png Icon Integrity Knight Kirito.png Icon Heart of Summer Illya.png Icon Saber Illya.png Icon Lancer Illya.png Icon Caster Illya.png Icon Archer Illya.png Icon Heaven's Wheel Armor Erza.png Icon Level 6 Accelerator.png Icon Lost Christmas Inori.png Icon Kongen Shiki.png Icon Meng Hua You Tan Momo.png Icon Fortress Form Nanoha.png Icon Wings of Liberty Mikasa.png Icon Inverse Kurumi.png Icon Big Boss.png Icon Shekinah Tohka.png Icon Zwei Form Illya.png Icon Yoko Littner.png Icon BlackWarGreymon X.png Icon Yamato.png Icon Northern Princess (Hoppo).png Icon Mr. Lightning Bolt (Raiden).png Icon Dead Master.png Icon Captain Liliana.png Icon Pandora Ikaros.png Icon Akuma Homura.png Icon Ultimate Madoka.png Icon Donut Shinobu.png Icon Honda Futayo.png Icon Gun Gale Online (GGO) Kiriko.png Icon Saber Lily.png Icon Insane Black Rock Shooter.png

Icon Brilliant Skin.png : Brilliant Skins
Icon Diamond (Houseki no Kuni).png Icon Arihara Nanami.png Icon Fallen Eternity - Empress Yisha.png Icon Fallen Eternity - Ruler Timi.png Icon Cyberpunk Doctor Momo.png Icon Kushina Anna.png Icon Dimensional Awakening Pandora.png Icon Preemptive Moe Strike Kanna.png Icon Hotogi Shirayuki.png Icon QG Team Yisha.png Icon QG Team Freedom.png

Icon Epic Skin.png : Epic Skins
Icon Ikkyuu Tensai.png Icon Yui (Bofuri).png Icon Snowfield Girl Mobilize Team Purple Heart.png Icon Snowfield Girl Mobilize Team Black Heart.png Icon Road of the Strong Zoro.png Icon Knight of Glory Alphonse.png Icon Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX.png Icon Big Bad Wolf Mokou.png Icon Worldly Asceticism Wang Ye.png Icon Licht Bach.png Icon Little Red Riding Hood Kaguya.png Icon Saint Slayer Sesshoumaru.png Icon Chaos Duel Yuugi.png Icon Blood Moon Raven Sephiroth.png Icon Mahou Shoujo Satone.png Icon NR Team Misaka.png Icon NR Team Kikyou.png Icon NR Team Yisha.png Icon NR Team Jeanne.png Icon NR Team Peiji.png Icon NR Team Yukina.png Icon NR Team Cu Chulainn.png Icon Sally.png Icon Summer Swimsuit Sinon.png Icon Summer Swimsuit Darkness.png Icon Summer Swimsuit Yoshino.png Icon Summer Swimsuit Mami.png Icon Moonlight Serene Orchid Bei Si (Wedding Dress).png Icon Eco.png Icon Shea Haulia.png Icon Ogiso Setsuna.png Icon Touma Kazusa.png Icon Senko.png Icon School Uniform Iroha.png Icon Cyberpunk Sword Asuna.png Icon Fujiwara Chika.png Icon Hasegawa Kobato.png Icon Matsuzaka Satou.png Icon Karasuma Chitose.png Icon Ristarte.png Icon Miyaguni Akari.png Icon Nagumo Hajime.png Icon Suzakuin Tsubaki.png Icon Wedding Dress Fate.png Icon Wedding Dress Nanoha.png Icon Sora Ginko.png Icon Wedding Dress Misaka.png Icon Dark Young Albedo.png Icon Phoenix Ikaros.png Icon Holy Grail Loli Miyu.png Icon Night Dress Jeanne.png Icon Bara no Chakai Suigintou.png Icon Hanazono Yurine.png Icon Halloween Witch Mavis.png Icon Sistine Fibel.png Icon Sengoku Nadeko.png Icon Nakamura Yuri.png Icon Stella Vermillion.png Icon Osakabehime.png Icon Witch.png Icon Bunny Girl Kurisu.png Icon Beach Party Tamamo.png Icon Rokudaime Kakashi.png Icon Medea Lily.png Icon Segawa Akane.png Icon Idol Emperor Nero.png Icon Chuunibyou Kurumi.png Icon Wedding Dress Emilia.png Icon Nurse Yami.png Icon Priest Shizuo.png Icon Hitachi Mako.png Icon Mitsukasa Ayase.png Icon Kasugano Sora.png Icon Kasumigaoka Utaha.png Icon Izumi Sagiri.png Icon Jibril.png Icon Konno Yuuki.png Icon Sword Maiden.png Icon Priestess.png Icon High Elf Archer.png Icon Goblin Slayer.png Icon Kiyohime.png Icon Wedding Dress Tamamo.png Icon Asuka Langley Sohryu.png Icon Darkness Christmas Yami.png Icon Holy Night Angel Kuroneko.png Icon Christina.png Icon Christmas Costume Rin.png Icon Vanilla.png Icon Chocola.png Icon Swimsuit Artoria.png Icon QG Team Sena.png Icon QG Team Nanoha.png Icon QG Team Jotaro.png Icon QG Team Tohka.png Icon QG Team Gintoki.png Icon Pure-White Devil.png Icon Demon King of the Sixth Heaven.png Icon Satella.png Icon Wedding Dress Kuroneko.png Icon Tamaki Ako.png Icon Koharu Yoshino.png Icon Dark Dragoon Forte.png Icon Kongou (Arpeggio of Blue Steel).png Icon Mine.png Icon Murasame.png Icon Sirius.png Icon AST Origami.png Icon Charlotte Dunois (Rafale-Revive Custom II).png Icon Sawamura Spencer Eriri.png Icon Glutton Cat Tohka.png Icon Sakurakouji Luna.png Icon Football Baby Jeanne.png Icon Inverse Yoshino.png Icon Decapitating Bunny Shiki.png Icon Chocolat.png Icon Mugetsu Ichigo.png Icon Chouhi Yokutoku (Rinrin).png Icon Form Change Tamamo.png Icon Santa Lily Jeanne.png Icon Wedding Dress Kanade.png Icon Song of Christmas Saya.png Icon Sun Goddess Solus.png Icon Moe Is Justice Kotori.png Icon Wedding Dress Nyaruko.png Icon Wedding Dress Shimakaze.png Icon Vongola Primo.png Icon Underworld Goddess.png Icon Wedding Dress Mirai.png Icon Adventurer Killua.png Icon Senketsu Kisaragi Ryuuko.png Icon Special Lieutenant Ooguro Ryuuya.png Icon Love Contract Rikka.png Icon Atago.png Icon Rokkon Shojo Mumei.png Icon Halloween Witch Yoshino.png Icon Levi Russel.png Icon White Rabbit Sheryl Nome.png Icon Black Magician Girl.png Icon Swimsuit Kurisu.png Icon Bunny Girl Miku.png Icon Maid Aria.png Icon Maid Noire.png Icon Wedding Dress Kurumi.png Icon Sento Isuzu.png Icon Mythology Mystic Code of Genesis Gilgamesh.png Icon Yuudachi (Poi).png Icon Asama Tomo.png Icon Inverse Origami.png Icon Bridal Gown of Bondage Saber.png Icon Kaleido Ruby Rin.png Icon Trance of Darkness.png Icon Inverse Tohka.png Icon Misaka Imouto.png Icon Nurse Yaya.png Icon White Dress Inori.png Icon Bandage Shana.png Icon School Uniform Kurumi.png Icon Girl-glitter Gilgamesh.png Icon Knights of the Blood Oath (KoB) Kirito.png Icon Fairy Queen Asuna.png

Icon Excellent Skin.png : Excellent Skins
Icon Noihara Himari.png Icon SogeKing Usopp.png Icon Kagura.png Icon Void Tyrant Shu.png Icon Mile.png Icon Pauline.png Icon Mavis.png Icon Reina.png Icon Idol Lacia.png Icon Asami Lilith.png Icon Integrity Knight Eugeo.png Icon Haqua Du Lot Herminium.png Icon Yue.png Icon Awu.png Icon Taka Sasuke.png Icon Christmas Love Song Cthuko.png Icon Christmas Love Song Nyaruko.png Icon Night Dress Alice.png Icon Bara no Chakai Shinku.png Icon Ordinal Scale Suguha.png Icon Sumizome no Sakura Yuyuko.png Icon Yondaime Minato.png Icon Aihara Enju.png Icon Seinen Tenten.png Icon Master Sakura.png Icon Sakura Haregi Artoria.png Icon Shimabara Rebellion Amakusa.png Icon God of Calamity Yato.png Icon Bee.B-K Seven.png Icon Holy Grail Loli Illya.png Icon Joshi Kousei Tamamo.png Icon Raijin Sasuke.png Icon Fuujin Naruto.png Icon Mahou Shoujo Fate.png Icon Ryofu Housen (Ren).png Icon Queen of the Sky Ikaros.png Icon Great Hero EMIYA.png Icon Kimono Nero.png Icon LLENN.png Icon Arthur Pendragon.png Icon Mahou Shoujo Nanoha.png Icon Pharaoh Atem.png Icon Riku Dola.png Icon Dearche Kings Claudia.png Icon School Uniform Kuroyukihime.png Icon Crossdressing Hei.png Icon White Emperor Lelouch.png Icon Ancient Warrior Shana.png Icon Daopao Syaoran.png Icon Zero Akame.png Icon Maid Kuroko.png Icon School Uniform Cthuko.png Icon Christmas Night Yaya.png Icon Rem.png Icon Ram.png Icon True Ancestor Arcueid.png Icon Kamineko.png Icon Kamishiro Rize.png Icon Seiken no Blacksmith Sena.png Icon Idol Mirai.png Icon Idol Asuna.png Icon Dimension Traveler Neptune.png Icon Wedding Dress Momo.png Icon Shokatsuryou Koumei (Shuri).png Icon Chloe von Einzbern.png Icon Amatsukaze.png Icon Kan'u Unchou (Aisha).png Icon Saber Alter.png Icon Araragi Tsukihi.png Icon You are lazy Mio.png Icon Lina Inverse.png Icon Araragi Karen.png

Ordinary Skins
Icon Hundred-Faced Hassan.png Icon Marine Biologist Jotaro.png Icon Suzushina Yuriko.png Icon Butterfly Avatar Kuroyukihime.png Icon Maid Saber.png Icon White Dress Kanade.png Icon Kuji Kanesada Shiki.png Icon Dio Brando.png Icon Casual Ikaros.png Icon Genesis Rhapsodos.png Icon Gourd Warrior.png Icon Wine Waiter Hei.png

Icon Limited Skin.png  : Event Skins

Icon Ryuuguu Rena.png Icon Race Queen Nero.png Icon Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko.png
Icon Dancer Kurisu.png Icon Sakura In Full Bloom Kongou.png Icon Cute Fist Strike Jotaro.png Icon Ellis Fahrengart.png Icon Rory Mercury.png Icon Fushiguro Megumi.png Icon Housaki Minori.png Icon Kagura Hikari.png Icon Elaina.png Icon Hachiroku.png Icon Maito Gai.png Icon Hoto Kokoa.png Icon Lost City of Steam Ryuuko.png Icon Sand of Eternal Night Hei.png Icon Empress C.C..png Icon Gothic Lolita Kanade.png Icon Rumia Tingel.png Icon Starry Sky Idol Kuroneko.png Icon Hiiragi Shinoa.png Icon Kirigaya Suguha.png Icon Uchiha Madara.png Icon Nine-Tails Mode Minato.png Icon Melida Angel.png Icon Okita Sawa.png Icon Shera L. Greenwood.png Icon Inazuma Narukami Kanna.png Icon Dessert Party Nanoha.png Icon School Uniform Homura.png Icon Toudou Kirin.png Icon Misaka Worst.png Icon Shadow Lotus Sakura.png Icon Uesugi Kenshin (Techno Wanderer).png Icon Trick or Treat Pleasant Goat.png Icon School Uniform Madoka.png Icon Meimu.png Icon Sacred King Leah.png Icon Tomioka Giyuu.png Icon Berserker Illya.png Icon Tedeza Rize.png Icon Shirosaki Mieru.png Icon Black Dress Yuno.png Icon Yukata Misaka.png Icon Yukata Kuroko.png Icon Leticia Draculea.png Icon Twilight Princess Disizhuoer.png Icon Young DIO.png Icon Pajamas Emilia.png Icon Akari Akaza.png Icon Toshinou Kyouko.png Icon Chiyo Sakura.png Icon Snow Maiden Illya.png Icon Eldest Mistress Remilia.png Icon Young Mistress Flandre.png Icon School Uniform Inori.png Icon School Uniform Eucliwood.png Icon Maid Origami.png Icon Cyberpunk Doctor Momo.png Icon Commander Kotori.png Icon Haruno Shiobana.png Icon Tatsumaki.png Icon Valkyrie Sheryl Nome.png Icon Mahou Shoujo Kanna.png Icon Bunny Girl Purple Heart.png Icon Hinatsuru Ai.png Icon Bunny Girl Black Heart.png Icon Chito & Yuuri.png Icon Dragon's Tears Natsu.png Icon National Grace Divine Fragrance Peiji.png Icon Goddess of Fate Purple Heart.png Icon Firo.png Icon Oosuki Mamako.png Icon Zero (Grimoire of Zero).png Icon Julie Sigtuna.png Icon Elsa Granhiert.png Icon Garuda Hayate.png Icon Benelovent King Gilgamesh.png Icon Unicorn Kyouko.png Icon Anubis Keima.png Icon Krul Tepes.png Icon Hibiki.png Icon Hakamada Hinata.png Icon Fallen Angel Maid Kaori.png Icon Cheongsam Emilia.png Icon Kimono Momo.png Icon Yamada Elf.png Icon Love Is ♂ Boundless (Chousen).png Icon Ukiyo-e Rem.png Icon Little Red Riding Hood Ram.png Icon Jazz Style Chino.png Icon Beach Party Gintoki.png Icon Reki.png Icon Summer Swimsuit Alice.png Icon K-On 5th Anniversary Mio.png Icon Maeda Inuchiyo (Flying Little Witch).png Icon Saionji Sekai.png Icon Revy.png Icon Shining Girl Miku.png Icon Mythology Mystic Code of Wrought Iron EMIYA.png Icon Kimono Kanade.png Icon Ordinal Scale Shino.png Icon Sophie Twilight.png Icon Sakurajima Mai.png Icon Kimono Rin.png Icon Ayachi Nene.png Icon Ordinal Scale Kirito.png Icon Oo no Zaihou Gilgamesh.png Icon Katou Megumi.png Icon State Alchemist Edward.png Icon Wedding Dress Prophet Saladin.png Icon Akatsuki.png Icon Christmas Queen Kiss-Shot.png Icon Magician of Love Rikka.png Icon Magician of Love Sanae.png Icon Majin Okita Souji.png Icon Oichi no Kata (Public Morals Committee Member).png Icon Irisviel von Einzbern.png Icon Medusa (Lancer).png Icon Levi Ackerman.png Icon Dazzling Fireworks and Lanterns Dita.png Icon A Brilliant Overnight Star Yisha.png Icon Bright And Colorful Embellishment Timi.png Icon Snow Princess Momo.png Icon Snow Summer Shana.png Icon Zhou Yun.png Icon Akechi Mitsuhide.png Icon Takeda Nobushige (Valentine's Day).png Icon Ordinal Scale Asuna.png Icon Shirotsumekusa.png Icon Uesugi Kenshin (Idol Sweetheart).png Icon Blazing Ice Gray.png Icon Cat Maid Kurisu.png Icon Haokaya (Secret Garden).png Icon Uniform Jeanne.png Icon White Blood Cell.png Icon Takeda Shingen (Toshi Densetsu).png Icon Tendou Kisara.png Icon School Swimsuit Yukina.png Icon Oddity Rin.png Icon Halloween Little Devil Illya.png Icon Halloween Witch Misaka.png Icon Amamiya Ren.png Icon Fairy Dance Sinon.png Icon Idol Miyuki.png Icon Mi Mi Kurumi.png Icon Wedding Dress Yisha.png Icon Takeda Shingen (Colorful Christmas).png Icon Fairy Dance Kirito.png Icon Fairy Dance Asuna.png Icon Fenrir.png Icon Arcade Spirit Misaka.png Icon Oda Nobunaga.png Icon Uesugi Kenshin (Formidable Warrior).png Icon Train Warning Yukari.png Icon Toyotomi Hideyoshi.png Icon Kimono Homura.png Icon Kid Gil.png Icon Bunny Girl Aria.png Icon Sailor Uniform Astolfo.png Icon Mahou Shoujo Chino.png Icon School Swimsuit Kuroneko.png Icon Kimono Yami.png Icon Himura Kenshi.png Icon Son of Heaven Keima.png Icon Date Masamune (Automata).png Icon Richelieu.png Icon U47.png Icon Hattori Hanzou.png Icon Strong World Zoro.png Icon Strong World Luffy.png Icon Zettai Ryouiki Rin.png Icon Doggy Ranger Mikasa.png Icon Crossdressing Keima.png Icon School Swimsuit Eucliwood.png Icon Okita Souji.png Icon Kyusai Maihime Madoka.png Icon Date Masamune.png Icon Oiran Dita.png Icon Oiran Yisha.png Icon Oiran Timi.png Icon Higurashi Kagome.png Icon Kan'u Unchou (Ikkitousen).png Icon Mori Ranmaru.png Icon Fuuma Kotarou.png Icon Beach Goddess Black Rock Shooter.png Icon Takeda Shingen.png Icon Maeda Inuchiyo.png Icon Mythology Mystic Code of Emperor Nero.png Icon Fire Emperor Ace.png Icon Copy Ninja Kakashi.png Icon Prophet Saladin.png Icon Sanzen Sekai Zoro.png Icon Suna no Shukaku Gaara.png Icon Home Tutor Tsuna.png Icon Senpai Mami.png Icon Tsubasa no Tsuihanesha.png Icon K-On Girl Mio.png Icon Dream of The Blue Flame Black Rock Shooter.png Icon Etherious Natsu Dragneel.png Icon Anniversary Party Yoshino.png Icon Anniversary Party Shiki.png Icon Anniversary Party EMIYA.png Icon Anniversary Party Yaya.png Icon Anniversary Party Sephiroth.png Icon Anniversary Party Black Rock Shooter.png Icon Anniversary Party Misaka.png Icon Sakura Sange Gintoki.png Icon Ice Trail Gray.png Icon Busoshoku Luffy.png Icon Saber Lion.png Icon Sheryl Nome.png Icon Race Queen Reimu.png Icon Black Rock Shooter Mikasa.png Icon Casual Misaka.png Icon Action Mask.png

Icon Starry☆Night Skin.png  : Starry☆Night Skins
Icon Starry☆Night Youmu.png Icon Starry☆Night Nero.png Icon Starry☆Night Lina.png Icon Starry☆Night DIO.png

Killing Cut-in Animations

Icon Yoko Littner.png Icon Dead Master.png Icon Pandora Ikaros.png Icon Donut Shinobu.png Icon Big Boss.png Icon Gun Gale Online (GGO) Kiriko.png Icon Insane Black Rock Shooter.png Icon Northern Princess (Hoppo).png

ItemBF Head Battlefield Equipments.png

Soul Crystal Equipment

Item Genuine Blood Drinking Sword.png Item Anti-Asimov's Laws.png Item Sea of the Bloody Inkheart.png Item Alina Gray (Eternal Battlefield).png Item Shoujo no Owari.png Item Fallen Sword.png Item Reincarnate Merit Sticker.png Item Sawamura·Spencer·Eriri.png Item Kasumigaoka Utaha.png Item Caliburn.png Item Mahou no Kigan.png

Normal Equipment

Item Spear the Gungnir.png Item Last Shield.png Item Dead Sea Scrolls.png Item Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death.png Purple Gift Box.png Purple Gift Box.png Purple Gift Box.png Item Dance Boots.png Item Junshin.png Item Majo no Bun.png Item Unlimited Gun Gloves.png Item Reiji Maigo.png Item Orb of Stygian Desolation.png Item Orb of Disability.png Item Orb of Slow.png Item Substitute Scarecrow.png Item Dual Roses.png Item Durandal.png Item TYSB.png Item HomuMado.png Item Xuan Yuan Sword.png Item Endless Magic Wand.png Item Imagine Breaker.png Item Wand of Evil.png Item Death Note.png Item Nuo Shao's Heavenly Hamster.png Item Zangetsu.png Item Bloodthirsty Prince.png Item Blue Steel Blade.png Item Phoenix Plumage.png Item X-Gloves.png Item Tessaiga.png Item Rule Breaker.png Item Searing Armor.png Item Tyrant's Eye.png Item Dragonscale Bright Armor.png Item Winter Scepter.png Item Pangu Axe.png Unknown.png Item Murasame.png Item Iona's Guardian Spirit.png Item Cursed Wings.png Item Dissolved Sadism Lilith.png Item Izumi Sagiri.png Item Nao's Flashcards.png Item Chibi Remilia.png Item Wings of Touwa Erio.png Item Sister of the Devil.png Item Wings of Seraph.png Item Imanity.png Item Ryougi Mana.png Item Nero Bride's Marriage Certificate.png Item Incubator.png Item Fou's Ultimate Wings.png Item Salted Fish Certificate.png Item God's Seat.png Item Scarlet Mist Incident.png Item Darkness.png Item Fragrant Fluttering Milk Tea.png Item Tanjun no Kigan.png Item Izumi Sagiri V2.png Item Me and The Solemn Promise.png Item Kochou Shinobu.png Item Cherry Colored Rose Cross.png Item Luo Xiaohei.png Item Saigo No Uchiha.png Item Kowareta Sekai no Shoujo.png Item White Queen.png Item Tang Wutong.png Item Majo no Ji.png Item Yukinoshita Yukino.png Item Ai Lian.png Item Kiseki no Chou.png Item Oregairu.png Item Trinity Force.png Item Warmth Breastplate.png Item Lävatein.png Item Frostmourne.png Item Law of Cycles.png Item Zankantou.png Item Martial Artist Sandals.png Item Avalon.png Item Yui.png Item Surging Shoes.png Item Sorcerer Boots.png Item Soul Torch.png Item Yingchuixue.png Item Vivio.png Item Dress of the Twilight Witch.png Item Anastasia's Smile.png Item HannStar Comet.png Item Skydream Ice Worm.png Item Kiyosumi no Honmono.png Item Battle Fury.png

   Ability Equipment

Item Break Blade.png Item Apparition Wand.png Item Illusory Orb.png Item Witch's Kiss.png Item Glorious Lance.png Item Thorny Road.png Item Tomahawk Guided Missile.png Item Heaven's Wrath Scepter.png Item Doom-shroom.png Item Anti-Shock Armor.png Item Spear the Gungnir.png
Item Guinsoo's Soul Stealing Staff.png Item Yalong Helmet.png Item Dark Matter Generator.png Item Demacia.png Item Great Vision of Jiu Shen.png Item Joker's Escape Character (ESC).png Item Terra Guardian.png Item Fog Lantern.png Item Bloodthirsty Meat Hook.png Item Sky Shaking Hammer.png Item Heart of Fire.png Item Deformation Demonic Dagger.png
Item Cursed Seal of Berserk.png Item Tsunami Hurricane.png Item Sealed Book of Blazing Fire.png Item Portable Missile Manufacturer.png Item Rocket Grab.png Item Forcefield Armor.png Item Reflect Armor.png Item Soul Stealing Blade.png Item Stealth Boots.png Item High Speed Bayonet.png Item Shock Trap.png Item Time Leaping Anklet.png
Item Protective Dagger.png Item Dominator.png Item Flashback Pocket Watch.png Item Spiritual Purification Dagger.png

   Special Equipment

Item Witch Hat.png Item Magical BB Gun.png Item Mystery Number Generator.png Item Easter Egg.png Item God Finger.png Item Jack o'Lantern.png Item Christmas Tree.png Item Badge of FFF Group.png Item Scythe of FFF Group.png Item Robe of FFF Group.png Item Torch of FFF Group.png

   Out-of-Print Equipment

Item Gusty Boots.png Item Obsidian Boots.png Item Dust-Proof Shoes.png Item Running Boots.png Item Rapid Boots.png Item Wind Shedding Wing.png Item Dark Shield.png Item Dragon Slayer.png

   Exclusive Equipment

Item Golden Experience.png Item Lävatein (True Version).png Item Musube, Tonbokiri!.png Item Umetsubaki.png Item Nameless Axe-Sword.png Item Andy Doll.png Item Jeweled Branch of Hourai.png Item Millennium Puzzle.png Item Flashing Axe.png Item Masamune.png Item Majutsu Roshin (Magic Core).png Item Blood of the Red Dragon.png Item Blessing of the Wind King.png Item Broken Spear (Rhongomyniad).png Item Kanna Is Angry.png Item Hiraishin Kunai.png Item Blue Rose.png Item Fragrant Olive Sword.png Item Yukine.png Item Hiiro.png Item Knightmare Frame - Gawain.png Item Ichizan Hissatsu - Murasame.png Item Shichiten Shichitou.png Item Imperial Crown.png Item Imperial Crown.png Item Black Trench Coat.png Item Rinnegan.png Item Kazuma (Satou Kazuma).png Item Ice Rain.png Item Sword of Nefarious Catherine.png Item Sword of Saint Catherine.png Item Black Rose.png Item Gáe Bolg.png Item Super Bell.png Item Silverhorn Trident.png Item Hollow Mask.png Item CAD.png Item Flying Magic Wand.png Item Magic High School Uniform.png Item Bloom.png Item FuMO25 Radar.png Item Rensouhou-chan.png Item Amy.png Item D-Dial.png Item Schwertkreuz.png Item Kokorowatari.png Item The Twin Blades of Azzinoth.png Item Star Platinum.png Item Mero Mero no Mi.png Item Jump Dagger.png Item Lambent Light.png Item Giant Tooth Scythe.png Item Parasol.png Item Rapier.png Item Black Heart.png Item Sabre.png Item Spear the Gungnir (True Version).png Item Jeweled Sword.png Item SHIKI.png Item Gabriel.png Item Judgment Armband.png Item Destiny Record.png Item Camael.png Item Sandalphon.png Item Metatron.png Item Yoshinon.png Item Special Aluminum Alloy Yo-Yos.png Item Alatreon Great Sword.png Item Scissor Blade.png Item Unscathed Sword of Damocles.png Item Aestus Estus.png Item Raising Heart.png Item Sharicite.png Item Black Lotus.png Item Ribbon.png Item Fire Vampires.png Item Magical Ruby.png Item Rose Branch Bow.png Item Hellscythe.png Item Misaka Imouto X (Last Order).png Item Modular Spear.png Item Sake.png Item Four-Star Ball.png Item Time Stopping Shield.png Item Bardiche.png Item Wheel of Heaven's Authority.png Item Oozora no Ringu (Ring of the Sky).png Item Ring of Sealing.png Item Angel Player.png Item Myon.png Item Taiyaki.png Item IBN 5100.png Item Hecate II.png Item M1911.png Item Digivice.png Item Bebe.png Item Black Tea.png Item Toyako.png Item Gemstone Necklace (Rin's Pendant).png Item Physics Holy Sword (Just A Crowbar).png Item One-Eyed Mask.png Item Fresh Watermelon.png Item Elucidator.png Item Tactical Nuclear Graphic Card.png Item Raishin (Akabane Raishin).png Item Kokkoku Tei (Emperor of Time).png Item Fyu-Neru.png Item Bewitched Weapon Silver Blade.png Item Tenseiga.png Item Pink Memories.png Item Sakabatou (Reverse-Blade Sword).png Item Clow Reed's Magic Book (Clow Book).png Item Metal Shaped Ring.png Item Hydraulic Catapult.png Item Rocket Assisted Projectile.png Item Supercapacitor.png Item Bull Demon's Iron Armor.png Item Bull Demon's First Child.png Item Five Thunders Sundering Sign.png Item Sky Breaking Axe.png Item Thumb Ring of Buddha Light.png Item Trial Scepter.png Item Sage Headband.png Item Merciful Cassock.png Item Blood Rune.png Item The First Alchemy Product.png Item Xiao Mei.png Item Repaired Radio.png Item Bombing Chicken Exclusive Stimulant.png Item Attack Chicken Enhancer.png Item Volley Chickens Enhancer.png Item Assault Chicken Enhancer.png Item Flesh & Blood Rootstock.png Item Ancient Vine Cells.png Item Hight Pressure Acid Cells.png Item Bright and Rapid Growing Cells.png Item Assassin's Blade.png Item Double Flashing Tabi.png Item Assassin Mask.png Item Delusional Heartbeat.png Item Whirlwind Shuriken.png Item Bouncing Shuriken.png Item Wind Ninpou Shield.png Item Wind Talisman.png Item Stone Monkey's Heaven Trampling Boots.png Item Sun Hsiao Mei's Golden Cudgel.png Item Stone Monkey's Heaven Rending Armor.png Item Mabinogion.png Item Proof of Purgatory.png Item Pure White Holy Water.png Item Mjolnir Hammer.png Item Sekkarou.png Item Nekomata.png Item First-seen Color.png Item Saikai Academy Uniform.png Item Shikon no Tama.png Item Miko Dress.png Item Arrow of Sealing.png Item Shinidamachuu.png Item Sulfphur Reactor.png Item Jet Ejector.png Item Energy Shield Module.png Item Jet Flywheel Dock.png Item Aeolus Vector·Cyclone.png Item Aeolus Matrix·Lightening.png Item Aeolus Function·Whisperwind.png Item Aeolus Limit·Vortex.png Item Jump Network Potato Chips.png Item Jump Network PSP.png Item Jump Network Pudding.png Item Jump Network Cola.png Item Pile of Stationery.png Item Stapler.png Item Cutter Blade.png Item Artistic Scissors.png Item Holy Clothes of the Hundred Battles.png Item Fighting Spirit Pendant.png Item Warcry Horn.png Item Blood Hunting Helmet.png Item AX388 Sniper Rifle.png Item Harpoon Amplifier.png Item Refined Trip Cord.png Item Whale Blood.png Item Crystal Shield.png Item Big Dipper Circlet.png Item Armor of Soil and Virtue.png Item Demon Gloves.png Item Nitrification Vial.png Item Digestive Accelerator.png Item Mochizuki's Jade Pendant.png Item Fat Centrifuge.png Item Compressed Arrow.png Item Soul Eating Arrow.png Item Hawk Spirit Pendant.png Item Black Magic Cloak.png Item Blade of Light.png Item Magical Earring.png Item Black Headband.png Item Space-Time Fragment.png Item Eternity Headband.png Item Annihilation Mask.png Item Eye of Abyss.png Item Super Rubber Fruit.png Item Straw Hat of East Blue.png Item Going Merry.png Item Thousand Sunny.png Item Phantom Thief.png Item Phantom Thief.png Item Phantom Thief.png Item Phantom Thief.png Item Super Elastic Launcher.png Item Usopp's Treasure Bag.png Item Plant Growth Accelerator.png Item Strange Long Nose Mask.png Item Iron Sand.png Item Protection of Yashamaru.png Item Giant Sand Gourd.png Item Tiny Shukaku.png Item Majutsu Roshin (Magic Core).png Item Blood of the Red Dragon.png Item Blessing of the Wind King.png Item Broken Spear (Rhongomyniad).png Item Fragarach (Silver Backlight Sword).png Item Knight Templar Armor.png Item Red Rose.png Item Wing of Liberty.png Item Seal of the Sky.png Item Mystic Scepter.png Item Self-Healing Ring.png Item Resurrection Horn.png Item Zebra Column.png Item Thermal Scale Armour.png Item Wild Boar Helmet.png Item Troll's Blood.png Item Flurry Pill.png Item Antlers Pill.png Item Thick Pill.png Item Jumping Pill.png Item Boarding Hook.png Item Sword Dance Boots.png Item Wind Catching Net.png Item Focus Lens.png Item Maglev Module.png Item Static Module.png Item Thermoelectric Module.png Item Water Cooling Module.png Item Enchanted Halberd.png Item Cohesive Force Gauntlet.png Item Medal of the Fury.png Item Tyrant's Fire Wheel.png Item Dazzling Colored Clothes.png Item Distracting Incense.png Item Qingsi Scissors.png Item Phantom Ribbon.png Item Dauntless Wine.png Item Intimidating Armor.png Item Ground Splitting Boots.png Item Bloodthirsty Spear.png Item Psychographic Camera.png Item Retribution Crown.png Item Wind God Fan.png Item Obscuring Light.png Item Naginata.png Item Bloody Red Scarf.png Item Youkai Horn.png Item Hannya Mask.png Item Jump Crossbow.png Item Rotary Impact.png Item Flame of Heaven Necklace.png Item Pain Suppression.png Item Sealed Multiple Shadow Clone Scroll.png Item Gekota Mobile Phone.png Item Project K-On.png Item Donation Box.png Item Holy Grail.png Item Bonded Stick.png Item Obito's Eye.png Item Cursed Seal of Heaven.png Item Wado Ichimonji.png Item Excalibur.png Item Special Gas Cylinder.png Item S-class Cooking Book.png Item Sword of Judgement.png


Item Ethereal Staff.png Item Lightning.png Item Golden Pantsu.png Item Marshtomp.png Item Holy Sword.png Item Sekai no Hakaisha.png Item Enkan no Kotowari.png Item Sword of Annihilation.png Item Gauss Lightsaber.png Item Bloodthirsty Reaper.png Item Asakura Ryouko no Bousou.png Item Tarrasque Skin.png Item Battlemage Ring.png Item Rong's Asuna Decorative Sword.png Item Jeanne d'Arc Alter and My Wedding Rings.png Item Todokanai Koi.png Item Fat Dragon's Thundering Roar.png Item Looking For The Real Thing.png Item Sacred Torah.png Item Ethereal Cloak.png Item Solary Armor.png Item Amun's Will.png Item Adaptive Armor.png Item Mana Tide.png Item Endless Night Staff.png Item Phantom Angel Blades.png Item Bndroid Reboot Artifact.png

ItemBF Head Gems&Materials.png


X Fragment.png
Level 5 Attack Damage Gem.png Level 5 Armor Penetration Gem.png Level 5 Percent Armor Penetration Gem.png Level 5 Attack Speed Gem.png Level 5 Armor Gem.png Level 5 Health Gem.png Level 5 Percent Health Gem.png Level 5 Health Regeneration Gem.png
Level 5 Ability Power Gem.png Level 5 Magic Penetration Gem.png Level 5 Percent Magic Penetration Gem.png Level 5 Cooldown Reduction Gem.png Level 5 Magic Resist Gem.png Level 5 Mana Gem.png Level 5 Percent Mana Gem.png Level 5 Mana Regeneration Gem.png
Level 5 Tenacity Gem.png Level 5 Critical Chance Gem.png Level 5 Life Steal Gem.png Level 5 Spell Vamp Gem.png Level 5 Movement Speed Gem.png
Level 2 Attack Damage Gem.png Level 2 Armor Penetration Gem.png Level 2 Percent Armor Penetration Gem.png Level 2 Attack Speed Gem.png Level 2 Armor Gem.png Level 2 Health Gem.png Level 2 Percent Health Gem.png Level 2 Health Regeneration Gem.png
Level 2 Ability Power Gem.png Level 2 Magic Penetration Gem.png Level 2 Percent Magic Penetration Gem.png Level 2 Cooldown Reduction Gem.png Level 2 Magic Resist Gem.png Level 2 Mana Gem.png Level 2 Percent Mana Gem.png Level 2 Mana Regeneration Gem.png
Level 4 Attack Damage Gem.png Level 4 Armor Penetration Gem.png Level 4 Percent Armor Penetration Gem.png Level 4 Attack Speed Gem.png Level 4 Armor Gem.png Level 4 Health Gem.png Level 4 Percent Health Gem.png Level 4 Health Regeneration Gem.png
Level 4 Ability Power Gem.png Level 4 Magic Penetration Gem.png Level 4 Percent Magic Penetration Gem.png Level 4 Cooldown Reduction Gem.png Level 4 Magic Resist Gem.png Level 4 Mana Gem.png Level 4 Percent Mana Gem.png Level 4 Mana Regeneration Gem.png
Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png
Level 1 Red Gem Chest.png Level 2 Red Gem Chest.png Level 3 Red Gem Chest.png Level 4 Red Gem Chest.png Level 5 Red Gem Chest.png Level 6 Red Gem Chest.png Level 7 Red Gem Chest.png Level 8 Red Gem Chest.png
Level 1 Green Gem Chest.png Level 2 Green Gem Chest.png Level 3 Green Gem Chest.png Level 4 Green Gem Chest.png Level 5 Green Gem Chest.png Level 6 Green Gem Chest.png Level 7 Green Gem Chest.png Level 8 Green Gem Chest.png
Level 1 Yellow Gem Chest.png Level 2 Yellow Gem Chest.png Level 3 Yellow Gem Chest.png Level 4 Yellow Gem Chest.png Level 5 Yellow Gem Chest.png Level 6 Yellow Gem Chest.png Level 7 Yellow Gem Chest.png Level 8 Yellow Gem Chest.png
Level 1 Blue Gem Chest.png Level 2 Blue Gem Chest.png Level 3 Blue Gem Chest.png Level 4 Blue Gem Chest.png Level 5 Blue Gem Chest.png Level 6 Blue Gem Chest.png Level 7 Blue Gem Chest.png Level 8 Blue Gem Chest.png
Level 1 Purple Gem Chest.png Level 2 Purple Gem Chest.png Level 3 Purple Gem Chest.png Level 4 Purple Gem Chest.png Level 5 Purple Gem Chest.png Level 6 Purple Gem Chest.png Level 7 Purple Gem Chest.png Level 8 Purple Gem Chest.png

   Upgrade Materials

Battlefield Medal.png Arena Medal.png Equipment Upgrade Talisman.png Battlefield Medal Chest.png Arena Medal Chest.png Equipment Upgrade Talisman Chest.png
Item Extraction of the Elixir of Immortality.png Item Core of the Philosopher's Stone.png Item Square Alchemy Elixir Column.png Item Heavenly Rounded Stone Bead.png Item Dissolved Solution of Truth.png Item Solidified Mist of Red Potion.png Item Original Stone of the Fifth Age.png Item Crystallized Philosopher's Stone.png
Small Soul Crystal.png Medium Soul Crystal.png Large Soul Crystal.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png
Fortune Card 1.png Fortune Card 2.png Fortune Card 3.png Fortune Card 4.png Fortune Card 5.png Fortune Card 6.png Fortune Card 7.png Fortune Card 8.png
Fortune Card 9.png Fortune Card 10.png Fortune Card 11.png Fortune Card 12.png Fortune Card 13.png Fortune Card 14.png Fortune Card 15.png

ItemBF Head Consumable.png


Refined Random Excellent Attribute Card.png Perfect Refined Random Excellent Attribute Card.png Refined Random Outstanding Attribute Card.png Perfect Refined Random Outstanding Attribute Card.png
Item Redemption Ticket.png Eternal Horn.png Solo License.png Gift Box.png Gift Box.png Gift Box.png Item Rename Card.png Item Disposable Gas Cylinder.png
Item Green Potion.png Holy Horn.png Item Portal.png Item Chest.png Gift Box.png Icon Lesser Dragon.png Icon Greater Dragon.png Item Dragon Army Summoning Amulet.png
Item Green Potion.png Item Chest.png Item Wisdom Potion.png Item World Enlarging Potion.png
Item Attack Saint Quartz.png Item Ability Saint Quartz.png Item Cat's Eye Potion.png Item Life Enhancing Potion.png Item Rage Potion.png Item Magic Power Potion.png Item Vampiric Potion.png Item Small Life Potion.png Item Medium Life Potion.png Item Large Life Potion.png Item Small Mana Potion.png Item Medium Mana Potion.png
Item Large Mana Potion.png Item Swiftness Potion.png Item Transparent Potion.png Item Solidifying Potion.png
Item Double EXP Card.png Item Double EXP Card.png Item Double EXP Card.png Item Double Gold Card.png Item Double Gold Card.png
Item Double Gold Card.png Item Double Merit Card.png Item Double Merit Card.png Item Double Merit Card.png
Item Double EXP Card.png Item Double EXP Card.png Item Double Gold Card.png Item Double Gold Card.png Item Double Merit Card.png Item Double Merit Card.png
Item Random Hero Card.png Golden Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png

Wards & Voice Packages

Item Tiamat Peiji Voice Package.png Item Sichuan Dialect Voice Package.png Item Xiao Lian Sha Voice Package.png Item First Chinese Diva Voice Package.png Item Inory ASMR Voice Package.png Item AC Girl Voice Package.png Item Ward Skin - Jack-O'-Lantern.png Item Ward Skin - Popuko and Pipimi.png Item Ward Skin - Elizabeth.png Item Ward Skin - La Black Luna.png
Item Ward Skin - Doge.png Item Ward Skin - Senketsu.png Item Ward Skin - Green Cherry Blossom Umbrella.png Item Ward Skin - Sunflower.png Item Illya Voice Package.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png
Item Ward Skin - Starry☆Night.png Item Ward Skin - Divine Angel.png Item Ward Skin - Dian Dian.png Item Ward Skin - Star Song.png Item Ward Skin - Virtuous Treaty.png Item Ward Skin - Shenjing Rabbit.png Item Ward Skin - Oiran.png Item Ward Skin - Glowworm Hammer.png Item Ward Skin - Akizuki Cannon.png Item Ward Skin - Hawk.png Item Ward Skin - Douyu Girl.png

Limited Packages

Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png
Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png
Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png
Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png
Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Daily Box.png

Special Packages

Icon Fallen Eternity - Empress Yisha.png Icon Fallen Eternity - Ruler Timi.png Icon Pauline.png Icon Mavis.png Icon Mile.png Icon Reina.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Icon Witch.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Icon Full-blown Flower Dita.png Icon Beauty Under The Moon Yisha.png Icon Blooming Blossom Timi.png Icon Goblin Slayer.png Icon High Elf Archer.png Icon Priestess.png Icon Sword Maiden.png Blue Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png Golden Gift Box.png


Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Item Feed.png


Item Noire Emoji Potion Package.png Item Tobiichi Origami Emoji Potion Package.png Item Itsuka Kotori Emoji Potion Package.png Item Miki Sayaka Emoji Potion Package.png Item Killua Zoldyck Emoji Potion Package.png Item Tachibana Kanade Emoji Potion Package.png Item White Rock Shooter Emoji Potion Package.png Item Momo Velia Deviluke Emoji Potion Package.png
Item Kongou Emoji Potion Package.png Item Matoi Ryuuko Emoji Potion Package.png Item Hakurei Reimu Emoji Potion Package.png Item Kuroba Kaito Emoji Potion Package.png Item Kuroyukihime Emoji Potion Package.png Item Nyaruko Emoji Potion Package.png Item Kaname Madoka Emoji Potion Package.png Item Gilgamesh Emoji Potion Package.png Item Makise Kurisu Emoji Potion Package.png
Item Tohsaka Rin Emoji Potion Package.png Item Natsu Dragneel Emoji Potion Package.png Item Portgas D. Ace Emoji Potion Package.png Item Doma Umaru Emoji Potion Package.png Item Hassan-i-Sabbah Emoji Potion Package.png Item Saya Emoji Potion Package.png Item Kuriyama Mirai Emoji Potion Package.png Item Kanzaki H. Aria Emoji Potion Package.png
Item Tomoe Mami Emoji Potion Package.png Item Yoshino Emoji Potion Package.png Item Konpaku Youmu Emoji Potion Package.png Item Kaneki Ken Emoji Potion Package.png Item EMIYA Emoji Potion Package.png Item Neptune Emoji Potion Package.png Item Sawada Tsunayoshi Emoji Potion Package.png Item Takamachi Nanoha Emoji Potion Package.png
Item Alphonse Elric Emoji Potion Package.png Item Ryougi Shiki Emoji Potion Package.png Item Yaya Emoji Potion Package.png Item Ikaros Emoji Potion Package.png Item Kikyou Emoji Potion Package.png Item Illyasviel von Einzbern Emoji Potion Package.png Item Sinon Emoji Potion Package.png Item Tokisaki Kurumi Emoji Potion Package.png Item Accelerator Emoji Potion Package.png
Item Misaka Mikoto Emoji Potion Package.png Item Black Rock Shooter Emoji Potion Package.png Item Hei Emoji Potion Package.png Item Himura Kenshin Emoji Potion Package.png Item Mikasa Ackerman Emoji Potion Package.png Item Kirito Emoji Potion Package.png Item Yuuki Asuna Emoji Potion Package.png Item Artoria Pendragon Emoji Potion Package.png
Item 300 Girls Emoji Potion Package.png Item Dita Emoji Potion Package.png Item Timi Emoji Potion Package.png Item Yisha Emoji Potion Package.png Item Classic Emoji Potion Package.png
Item Chichi Emoji Potion Package.png Item AC Girl Emoji Potion Package.png Item NR Team Time Limited Emoji Potion Package.png Item LLF Team Time Limited Emoji Potion Package.png Item Vv Team Time Limited Emoji Potion Package.png Item EG Team Time Limited Emoji Potion Package.png Item SE Team Time Limited Emoji Potion Package.png Item GN Team Time Limited Emoji Potion Package.png Item IU Team Time Limited Emoji Potion Package.png Item HP Team Time Limited Emoji Potion Package.png Item Douyu Girl Emoji Potion Package.png

National Day Linkage Package

Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png Blue Gift Box.png

ItemBF Head Moral&Honor Points.png

Summoning Amulet.png Summoning Amulet.png Item Chest.png Item Chest.png Item Chest.png

ItemBF Head VIP Points.png

Icon Fujiwara no Mokou.png Icon Houraisan Kaguya.png Icon Shameimaru Aya.png Icon Alice Margatroid.png Icon Saigyouji Yuyuko.png Icon Flandre Scarlet.png Icon Kirisame Marisa.png Icon Remilia Scarlet.png Icon Konpaku Youmu.png Icon Yakumo Yukari.png Icon Izayoi Sakuya.png Icon Hakurei Reimu.png
Level 6 Attack Damage Gem.png Level 6 Armor Penetration Gem.png Level 6 Percent Armor Penetration Gem.png Level 6 Attack Speed Gem.png Level 6 Armor Gem.png Level 6 Health Gem.png Level 6 Percent Health Gem.png Level 6 Health Regeneration Gem.png
Level 6 Ability Power Gem.png Level 6 Magic Penetration Gem.png Level 6 Percent Magic Penetration Gem.png Level 6 Cooldown Reduction Gem.png Level 6 Magic Resist Gem.png Level 6 Mana Gem.png Level 6 Percent Mana Gem.png Level 6 Mana Regeneration Gem.png
Level 6 Tenacity Gem.png Level 6 Critical Chance Gem.png Level 6 Life Steal Gem.png Level 6 Spell Vamp Gem.png Level 6 Movement Speed Gem.png
Level 4 Attack Damage Gem.png Level 4 Armor Penetration Gem.png Level 4 Percent Armor Penetration Gem.png Level 4 Attack Speed Gem.png Level 4 Armor Gem.png Level 4 Health Gem.png Level 4 Percent Health Gem.png Level 4 Health Regeneration Gem.png
Level 4 Ability Power Gem.png Level 4 Magic Penetration Gem.png Level 4 Percent Magic Penetration Gem.png Level 4 Cooldown Reduction Gem.png Level 4 Magic Resist Gem.png Level 4 Mana Gem.png Level 4 Percent Mana Gem.png Level 4 Mana Regeneration Gem.png


Level Limitation: Some items (especially non-artifact items and exclusive equipment) have the limitation on your level that forces you to not be able to use these items until reaching specified levels. For example, Stealth Boots (Item Stealth Boots.png), Rapid Boots (Item Rapid Boots.png) and Reiji Maigo (Item Reiji Maigo.png) can't be used until you reach level 3 or Forcefield Armor (Item Forcefield Armor.png) can't be used until you reach level 5.

Free Trial Equipment (Time-Limited): When the new equipment arrives in Item Mall, most of them always have a short period of time for testing for free as trial equipment. The trial equipment that is obtained during this period will last around 7 days, have their level equal to 3 + [VIP Level], and have full access to all of their abilities (both active and passive).

Free Trial Equipment (Normal): You can test all non-artifact equipment on Item Mall by clicking on the Trial (试用) button, the trial equipment that is obtained through this method will last only 1 hour, have level 0, and most of its abilities are disabled (active ability is disabled and most passive abilities are disabled).

Free Trial Exclusive Equipment (Normal): When purchasing a hero card of the Heroes that has at least 1 exclusive equipment available on Item Mall, you will also get a level 0 trial version of the exclusive equipment that is available on Item Mall for 1 day. While using the equipment, its active ability and most of its passive abilities are disabled.

Hero Skin: You can buy new hero skin in Item Mall to add more optional models for your Heroes.

Ward Skin: You can buy new ward skin in item mall to add more optional models for your Surveillance Ward (Free Spell - Surveillance Ward.png), Observer Ward (Item Observer Ward.png), Infrared Observer Ward (Item Infrared Observer Ward.png).

Voice Package: You can buy new voice packages in Item Mall to add more announcers in the Voice Package system.

Emoji Package: You can buy new emoji sets in Item Mall to add more emojis set that can be used in any game mode.

Killing Cut-in Animation: You can buy new killing cut-in animation in item mall to add the visual effect that announces your killstreaks or multi-kills while using a specified skin (the skin must be the same with the killing cut-in animation you brought). For information about how the cut-in works, you can read the full details at Killing Cut-in Animation System.

Skin Redeem & Discount Ticket: When buying a skin, you can check on the option "Use Redeem Tickets" (选用抵用券) or "Use Discount Tickets" (选用折扣券) and select 1 of the ticket available in each option to reduce the price of selected skin, the options to use the ticket will be available above the price buttons for purchasing the skin.

  • The tickets in "Use Redeem Tickets" are mostly tickets that reduces the price of the skin with a fixed amount.
  • The tickets in the "Use Redeem Tickets" are mostly tickets that reduce the price of the skin with a percent value.
  • The tickets from both option can be used together, and each purchase can use only 1 ticket per option.
  • When using a ticket from "Use Discount Tickets" on the skin with a discount from an event, only the discount with the highest percentage will take effect.
  • When using a ticket from both options, the original price of the skin will be reduced with a ticket from "Use Discount Tickets" before being reduced with a ticket from "Use Redeem Tickets".

Giveaway & Request (赠送与索取): This function is wherein you can purchase and give items in Item Mall to other players as a gift (currently available only for heroes and skins), the details for the usage of this system can be found on the product purchase interface of any item in Item Mall by hovering cursor on 《Giveaway & Request Agreement》(《商城赠送与索要协议》) message, the full details of the function are as follows:

Giveaway & Request Interface

The request will appear in a form of red chat box with gift image on it

  1. When you click "Purchase" button (购买) on any item in Item Mall to access the product purchase interface, you will be able to choose to "Giveaway" (赠送) or "Request" (索要) that item as a gift after you enable the Giveaway & Request function.
  2. You can enable the Giveaway & Request function by checking the box on the left side of the 《Giveaway & Request Agreement》(《商城赠送与索要协议》) message.
  3. The Giveaway & Request function currently supports only the heroes and skins that are available in Item Mall, this function can't be used to directly give Diamonds as a gift.
  4. The heroes and skins that are already activated to become owned heroes or skins in the Hero Album can't be sent to other players or requested to be sent by other players as a gift.
  5. The Giveaway & Request function only supports products that are paid with Diamonds, other currencies and discount tickets can't be used along with this function.
  6. The amount of Diamonds you need to pay through Giveaway & Request function will be based on the current price of the product in Item Mall.
  7. Tasks or activities that require the amount of consumption of Diamonds will progress only for the one who pays for the gifts.
  8. You can giveaway gifts up to 10 times per day, the upper limit of the price of the gift you can pay is 1000 Diamonds.
  9. You can request a gift up to 10 times per day, the upper limit of the price of the gift you can request is 1000 Diamonds.
  10. After you choose "Giveaway" (赠送) or "Request" (索要), you will need to choose the friend from the Friend List who will receive the gift or the friend who will receive the request to give you the gift.
  11. When you send a request to your friend to purchase any skin or hero for you, the request will appear in form of white gift box in red chat box that points toward the icon of Item Mall over the Lobby Interface, you can click the chat box to read the request and click "Giveaway" (赠送) to purchase the gift and send it to your friend.
  12. The item that is purchased by the giver will be transferred to the receiver through Mailbox.
  13. Only players in the Friend List can be the giver or receiver of the Giveaway & Request function.

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