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Item Kasumigaoka Utaha.png Cost: -


Mana: +120 (+1799)


Passive: Each time you kills an enemy hero, grants 1 current stack and 1 maximum stack, with each current stack giving 8 Mana up to a maximum of 1600 Mana. After the game ends, the stacks will not disappear.

UNIQUE Passive: When the amount of accumulated Mana is 800, it will grant 60 Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds. When it reaches 1600, it will grant 20% Ability Power. The maximum stacks can't be reduced, but 20% of the highest value on the current stacks are lost when the user dies.


Away into the reincarnation to the ฺboundless beneficence where the original source of mana lies.


Duplicate Version

This equipment is a duplicate version of Reincarnate Merit Sticker (Item Reincarnate Merit Sticker.png).