Item Kazuma (Satou Kazuma).png Cost: 800 Gold


+1 Ability Power


UNIQUE Passive: Replaces Aqua's Resurrection Spell [R] with Sell Soul [R] with the following effects:

  • Sell Soul [R]: When any hero dies within the game map, the spirit of the dead in a form of Orb of Light will appear upon their body. If you are greedy for money, you can sell the soul of your enemy hero by casting this skill on the Orb of Light over their body to consume their soul in exchange for 300/400/500 gold coins. The Orb of Light over the body will disappear the moment the owner of the body is respawned. (100/120/140 Mana cost) (180/140/100 second cooldown).


  • Can only be used by Aqua (Icon Aqua.png).

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