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Event Time

Event Time: 10 September 2020 ~ 27 September 2020

Exchange Reward Time: 10 September 2020 ~ 27 September 2020

Event Information

Live Broadcast

Source: https://300.jumpw.com/details/299/13287.html

After the end of the event, the prophet will start live boardcast at 06.00 PM on 28 September 2020 to randomly select 8 players who have stacks of luck values from Koi Ticket as the lucky players who will receive the Koi Big Package.

Players can visit live broadcast to see the result at https://live.bilibili.com/4402332.

If players who receives the Koi Big Package already owned any skin from the package, the duplicated skin from the package of this event will be converted into ticket for exchange free skin of the same quality.