300 Heroes Wikia

Item Kokkoku Tei (Emperor of Time).png Cost: 25 Diamonds


Attack Damage: +60

Attack Speed: +15%

Life Steal: +10%


UNIQUE Active: Restores 20 + [Equipment Level x 2] Time (10 second cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive: Increases a chance to trigger Bet/Zayin/Yod [W] by [Equipment Level]%.

UNIQUE Passive: Adjusted the bonus Movement Speed and Attack Speed that are given to Kurumi and all allied heroes within the City of Devouring Time field to [20 + (Equipment Level x 2)]%. When Kurumi kill an enemy hero, reduces the static cooldown on Zafkiel by [5 + Equipment Level] seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: All clones from Dalet/Chet [R] become immune to all damage, increases the duration of all clones by [Equipment Level x 0.5] seconds, and Kurumi can teleport herself to any clone on the map without replacing them for an unlimited period of time.

UNIQUE Passive: When the effect of Zafkiel is triggered and Kurumi teleports back to the fountain, she no longer gains Weak debuff.